CleanT cleaner, teeth whitener in 10s

cleant toothbrush automatic whitening led reviews and opinions

Cleaning and teeth whitening in 10 seconds with CleanT

CleanT is a new ultra-fast automatic toothbrushing system that includes whitening by means of LED light in various degrees of power. Although it seems unreal, it is effective and works really well.

How does CleanT work?

The CleanT dental cleaning brush works by adapting a silicone mold to the teeth, inserting it completely into the mouth. Once inside, gently bite down so that all of the denture remains within the system, and cleaning and bleaching begins.

The device cleans and whiten teeth quickly and fully effectively.

Is CleanT real or a scam?

CleanT’s ultra-fast cleaning and teeth whitening system is proven, and the brand belongs to a totally safe company that complies with all guarantees. In addition to this, you have a return guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Is CleanT effective, does it really work?

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CleanT cleans all teeth efficiently and painlessly in 10-15 seconds.

In addition to this, it has up to ten levels of teeth whitening through LED light that really work.

Features of CleanT automatic toothbrush and whitener

  • Ultra-fast toothbrushing, cleans in 10 seconds.
  • Use of the technique of BASS brushing improved and recommended by professionals
  • Teeth whitening by LED light with up to ten intensity levels.
  • Fully hygienic bacteria protection system.
  • Ideal for the whole family, it adapts to all types of mouths.
  • Can be used in dental prosthetics.
  • Eliminates nicotine, coffee stains and prevents tartar formation.
  • Quality, rechargeable, long-life, waterproof battery.

Reviews and opinions of CleanT automatic toothbrush and whitener

It is very good, it leaves the teeth feeling fresh from the dentist. in my opinion it is a dental cleaner that is worth buying.


I have purchased one with several replacement heads to be used by the whole family. Em very hygienic and really clean teeth in no time. Your review is very accurate.

buy Cleant toothbrush automatic whitening led
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