The best wireless headphones bluetooth

list of best wireless earbuds and headphones

How do you know which are the best wireless headphones?

The best wireless headphones that can be bought today, we evaluate them based on their value for money.

In this review we will be able to see which are the best bluetooth earbuds based on their price and looking for a range that still works around €50.00 – €60.00 approximately

In our experience, the best three wireless headphones are:

  • iHeadphones
  • Airphones
  • uPods

Below we can see in more detail the three models and access with a 50% discount to buy them at half price

airPhones the best known bluetooth headphones

The airPhones model is one of the best wireless headphones for sports. In this case, the really interesting discount is when buying a batch of two or three, since the price drops to around € 53.00 per unit.

best wireless earbuds airPhones


  • Immediate shipping
  • Ideal for practicing sports
  • Free shipping

iHeadphones available in various colors

The iHeadphones bluetooth headset model is the cheapest of the three, and also available in various colors. It is an elegant and youthful design while combining with everything.

best wireless earbuds iheadphones


  • Immediate shipping
  • Different colors
  • Free shipping

ColourPods new technology and a delicate presentation

This model of wireless headphones is one of the best of the moment. With a very affordable price, it has the latest technology, it is totally waterproof and it has an elegant and very attractive presentation.

Colour Pods Pro cheap colored wireless headphones


  • Immediate shipping
  • Protection against water
  • Free shipping

What’s new with the best wireless bluetooth headphones

With more models to choose from, it’s now easier to find a set of the best wireless headphones for sports, or other activities. The biggest new features are improvements in battery life, stronger materials or better prices.