Totalshield Max protective antiviral visor

Totalshield Max antiviral panel protector

What is Totalshield Max and what is it used for?

Totalshield Max is a daily protection personal protection screen that is designed to be protected from contact with viruses and bacteria.

Totalshield Max is composed of a thick waterproof cap and a completely transparent plastic screen, washable materials that do not allow the passage of viruses or bacteria.The cap is adapted by means of special fasteners, which allow the screen to be fitted hermetically, thus forming a protective barrier around the face.

Does Totalshield Max really protect?

totalshield max personal panel protector
The protective visor really works if used with the correct hygiene and is disinfected before removing it.

Totalshield Max is ideal for use at work and in situations of risk of contagion in which you are exposed.

Features of the Totalshield Max protective visor

  • Thick waterproof fabric cap
  • Transparent PVC protection visor
  • Adaptive ergonomic design
  • Comfortable to wear, does not limit movements
  • Wrap-around design for maximum protection
  • Full Protection From Direct Droplets Exposure
  • Protects nose, mouth, eyes and ears from any exposure
  • Top health gadgets in 2020 next to Soniclean ultrasonic tooth cleaner.

Totalshield Max protective visor reviews and opinions

I work in front of the public, and using this and the mask I feel much more secure. In addition, cleaning it well can be used more times and saves money.

Totalshield Max protective visor reviews and opinions

I am a cleaning woman and I am more exposed to catch any virus. Any protection is welcome. I am going to test the protection visor because it seems very safe compared to other means.

Totalshield Max protective visor reviews and opinions
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