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Let’s start by knowing what this specific product is

Synoshi is an electric cleaning brush, which uses a rotating head and can clean any corner of your home or even your car with the greatest comfort and efficiency. Plus, it gives you a deep clean with less work.

How does the Synoshi electric cleaning brush work?

Once loaded, you only have to choose the speed of the disc, depending on the type of dirt, and use it by applying it to the surfaces you want to clean. Synoshi’s rotating head rubs hard and at high speed over dirty parts removing all kinds of debris.

What makes this electric cleaner a different tool?

In addition to its price, to launch a quality brush on the market, dozens of models have been discarded. This way, with the Synoshi electric cleaner you get more than what you pay for. An excellent product at a lower cost.

These are the advantages why I would buy Synoshi again

If I liked something about this device, it is that you can clean everything effectively. The brand is establishing itself as one of the best sellers and these are its best qualities:

Synoshi, effortless cleaning

Cleaning with less effort

The rotating heads powered by small electric motors have much more power than you might think when it comes to removing dirt. Working at 1500 revolutions per minute is very restful.

In addition, it weighs little and hardly vibrates, so if you use the right head for each thing you won’t get tired of cleaning.

Synoshi, deep and fast cleaning

Save a lot of time when cleaning

With the Synoshi electric toothbrush I clean in twenty minutes what previously took me an hour. For tasks like tiling or the bathroom, it is being of great help to me.

In addition, since you remove most of the dirt in just a few passes, you need much less degreasing and detergent products, so all in one, you save time and money.

Synoshi, cleaning for the whole home

It’s enough for me for clean the whole house

Six cleaning heads ranging from the softest sponge to the metal bristle brush. With so much variety, which includes a corner to reach everywhere, I have been able to clean every corner of my house, furniture and dishes.

In addition, since the battery lasts long enough, even the car (tires included) is cleaner in less time.

Below I detail the technical characteristics of Synoshi

  • One-way rotating head easy to use for left and right-handed people.
  • With a battery charge of approximately 2 hours you have up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted operation.
  • The 2000MaH battery is charged with a USB Type-C cable.
  • It weighs only 400g, which allows you to use it without getting tired.
  • Universal cleaning brush that allows you to use it anywhere with dirt.
  • If you use degreasers, it is advisable to clean the bristles of the electric toothbrush in warm water afterwards.
  • Two rotation speeds that allow you to remove the most stubborn dirt.
  • It is important not to use it forcefully on delicate sheets and tapestries, as it can wear out the fabric.
  • In addition to this, you can use it in the car, on plaster, wood, linoleum or the ceramic hob without damaging it.
  • Along with Truly Free is one of the most requested household cleaning products this year.
  • Finally, you will be able to see that it removes food remains, embedded grease, or even moisture stains. However, for very difficult remains it is advisable to use a descaling product.
  • Other users of this website also consult how to clean connectors frequently .

Where it is advisable to buy the Synoshi electric cleaner

The official store is the only one that will offer you the real product, without imitations. On the buy buttons I will always send you the real seller. Furthermore, I recommend that you always save the confirmation email and the order number to avoid any possible problems.

Customer service

  • (US) +1(862) 329-7011
  • (UK) +441344951332
  • (DE) +496994323601
  • (AU) +61259510085
  • (PL) +48800013007
  • (FR) +33805980363
  • Support email:

Price list with discounts included

Before entering, let things be clear. Don’t pay more than it costs. This is the official price list for Synoshi once discounts have been applied.

  1. 1 unit €35.99 applying the 50% discount.
  2. 2 units €49.96 applying the 65% discount.
  3. 3 units €69.95 applying the 68% discount.
  4. 5 units €85.96 applying the 70% discount.
  5. Free delivery worldwide.
  6. According to the official review, it is currently available in the following countries: AU, AT, BE, BG, CA, CN, HR, CY, CZ, DK, EE, FI, FR, DE, GR, HU , IE, IL, IT, JP, KR, LV, LI, LU, MK, MY, MT, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, RO, RS, SK, SI, ES, SE, CH, TW, TH , TR, UA, AE, UK, US.

My final assessment after several tests

This particular model has great power and is very manageable due to its low weight. The design is attractive, the device is very functional. If we add the price to this, I can say with certainty that this cleaning brush is recommended for any home, and that it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Frequently asked questions in the purchasing process

How long does the arrival order take?

This is the first question I am usually asked, and the one I answer most often. The arrival time of this company is between 5 and 15 days. If it takes longer, do not hesitate to contact them.

Are replacement heads available?

Obviously yes. In the same store you can always find at your disposal the six models of replacement heads that are currently available.

How long does the battery really last?

According to the review on the official website, up to 45 minutes. According to my tests, at maximum power between 20 minutes and 25 minutes. At minimum power I have managed to use it for about 40 minutes without losing brushing strength.

What surfaces is it indicated for?

The six-head kit allows you to clean practically all types of surfaces, from fabrics to metal, ceramics, wood or plastic. It also removes embedded grease, dust, mud, and even dry dirt.

Can I return it if I don’t like it?

Obviously yes. You have 14 days of right of withdrawal by law depending on which country it can be up to 30 days.

Do I have a purchase guarantee?

As a consumer you will always be protected. If you receive a product in poor condition or it breaks before the two-year warranty period you can request a repair, money back or exchange.

How do I make a claim?

First of all, always save emails with your order number. Take photos of the product, even a video when you unpack it. If the product does not work you should contact the company’s contact telephone number or email .

What do I do if I complain and they ignore me?

In these cases I always advise requesting a refund from the payment entity.

In case of delays, or if you need information about returns, product changes, request for user manuals or any query, We have direct contact with online stores. You can write to us at and we will try to resolve your questions. Remember that we will NEVER ask you for any personal information, we will simply transfer you to the corresponding section of each store.

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3.6 /5
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Reviewed by 7 users

    • 3 months ago

    Hello, I have one and it’s not bad, but I need advice on how to use it in the oven effectively. At the moment it is the only appliance that I have not been able to clean well, since I only do it when it is hot and the heads break down.

    • 3 months ago

    I have tried cleaning the car with the coarser head and then applying a layer of wax and the result is very good. With a single battery charge I have had enough for the entire vehicle, inside and out. The dashboard stays in place and is not damaged.

    • 3 months ago

    The corner head lasted me two months, I already have to buy a replacement, the rest are holding up well for now. When I press hard it vibrates and makes some noise. It only works well on tile joints if I first apply cleaning products to dissolve the dirt.

    • 3 months ago

    I decided to buy one and I am very happy with the results. Very comfortable to use and cleans well. Even the plaster carving has been left clean and mold-free in the bathroom.

    • 3 months ago

    It works great, I have tried it in the kitchen and you need much less product to remove the dirt embedded in the tile joints. Also, with the pans it is a great help. It saves me a lot of time.

    • 4 months ago

    It took them three weeks to deliver it to me, and they also sent it to the post office instead of home. On the other hand, although it is cheap, it is not wonderful, there is so much publicity that they have given to Synoshi and the truth is that there are more brushes at a similar price that you can buy and they are not advertised as much.

    • 5 months ago

    I am using it for the dishes as well as for the plating and the kitchen sink and the truth is that it saves me a lot of time.
    If it had a cloth-type drying head or something like that it would be great and it would be much more complete.

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