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Voltricitty reviews and opinions

Reduce your electricity bill with Voltricitty and save every month

Voltricitty is a plug electricity consumption meter that allows you to know in real time all the data related to consumption, power (W), frequency (Hz), as well as power factor, costs, and minimum and maximum power peaks in each outlet.

Long live your appliances with the Voltricitty electric consumption meter

One of the factors that determine the life of different electrical devices is the power source or load. Knowing the electrical flow with the Voltricitty electricity meter, you will know if any electrical outlet deteriorates the devices plugged in.

Learn how to use the Voltricitty electricity consumption controller to your advantage

Voltricitty review and opinions
To know the real impact of each plug and each connected appliance, it is advisable to carry out tests of more than 48 hours on different plugs. Connect Voltricitty to an appliance and vary its outlet to have reliable data.

In addition to this, when you know the actual performance of the plug, perform tests with different electrical appliances and you will know the performance of each one.

Features and advantages of the Voltricitty electric consumption meter

  • Easy to install, no technical knowledge required. Just plug in each appliance and check the data instantly.
  • Information on a large LED screen with data on power (W), energy consumption (kWh), voltage (V), frequency (Hz), amperage (A), price calculation, and minimum power daily peaks and maximum.
  • You can also choose a connection of all types between 125V and 220V for the US, America, UK, Canada, Australia or Asia.
  • Overload alerts if it occurs, thus allowing to disconnect or reduce the power of plugged devices.
  • Ideal for those energy savers who want optimal consumption.< /li>
  • For users of Ecoflow River Pro is one of the best options to check that the device is calibrated.
  • If you use washing machines or other devices with a 350W connection, it is advisable to test the device first in low profile.
  • You can also extend the life of devices that work continuously connected to the network, since you can prevent overloads.
  • For old installations, this method will detect faulty plugs and replace them.
  • By following the correct guidelines, you can achieve significant savings on your electricity bill.
  • When you unplug it to change outlets, it is advisable to let the device rest for a few hours so that it calibrates correctly.
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Voltricitty Energy Consumption Meter Reviews and Opinions

A bad electrical installation can considerably increase the electricity bill. It is important to measure each and every one of the connectors to the current for a few weeks and thus have everything more controlled.

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There are no worse experiences at home than having a broken fridge every two years and not knowing why. In our case, the third time it occurred to us to measure the power of the outlet and we discovered that this was the problem.

buy Voltricitty reviews and opinions
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buy Voltricitty reviews and opinions
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