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Take your Ecoflow River Pro charging station wherever you want

Ecoflow River Pro 2 are the new portable charging stations that provide you with power independently anywhere. These batteries are totally independent and can be recharged through the network, or from the solar panels.

Save energy thanks to the Ecoflow River Pro 2 portable station

Although the most common use of these backup batteries is to have electricity on the go, their use in the home for energy saving purposes is also spreading. You can charge your Ecoflow River Pro 2 at the hours when electricity is cheapest and use it during the day.

Energy available in one hour with Ecoflow River Pro 2

Ecoflow River Pro review and opinions
Thanks to an innovative charging system that optimizes energy absorption, and its LifePo4 batteries, the Ecoflow River Pro electricity accumulator charges up to 100% in approximately one hour.

In addition to this, the solar panels of the same brand, with a conversion rate that reaches 23%, allow you to always be supplied even on cloudy days.

Ecoflow River Pro 2 Power Station Features and Benefits

  • Capacity of up to 768Wh with a 100% load provides energy for more than 24 hours.
  • AC outlet with a power of 800W.
  • It has a LiFePO4 battery resistant to dust, splashes and much more (IP68).
  • Weighing 7.8kg, it is small, fully portable and easy to handle.
  • Remote control that allows you full control from the APP, both on Android and iOS.
  • Battery protection system (BMS) monitors the voltage, current level and above all the temperature at all times.
  • You can charge it with the portable solar panel, the current, the car connector and even with a mini USB-C through its charger, although this process is slower.
  • Four USB outputs and three power outlets that allow you to have multiple devices at the same time.
  • Battery life of more than 3,000 charges, with a durability of more than 10 years.
  • Together with Ecoflow Delta Pro one of the best sellers in its category.
  • Combined with AquaVault ChargeCard Ultra you will have total mobility having energy always available on your smartphone.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with up to 5 years, you have 14 days to return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has legal tax identification and makes direct sales by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are maintained 100%
  • In case of problems with your purchase, please retain your order number. We can help you at with any of the online stores.

Ecoflow River Pro 2 Portable Power Station Reviews and Opinions

I am a big fan of camping holidays, and this type of battery gives you total independence. You always have the mini fridge ready, the TV and you can connect the chargers you need. I love it.

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To save energy it is not very useful unless you also use solar panels. But based on my experiences, if you take it to the beach, you must protect it so that no sand enters it, no matter how much protection it has.

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Agricultural engineer

buy Ecoflow River Pro reviews and opinions
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