Voxa Pro, the MegaBoom type speaker

Boxa Pro MegaBoom, reviews and opinions

The new Voxa Pro speakers improve on the classic MegaBoom in everything

Voxa Pro are the new wireless speakers that, following in the footsteps of MegaBoom, offer you high-quality portable sound. You will be able to interact with your smartphone or listen to music and radio independently anywhere you go.

Compact and powerful, the Voxa Pro MegaBoom speaker will surprise you

If you like music, this is your device. Its new improved battery will provide you with up to eight hours of non-stop playback, and you will also enjoy the 20W Voxa Pro MegaBoom bluetooth speaker with HD quality in stereo mode.

The Voxa Pro speakerphone has the best call mode

Boxa Pro review and opinions
Thanks to its new and improved circuit with noise cancellation and its bluetooth 5.0 transmission with chipconnect, Boxa Pro MegaBoom format answer calls without interference of any kind and with total clarity.

In addition to this, it comes equipped with a voice assistant for devices that reduce music on the spot when managing any call, both phone and computer, Skype, Meet , etc..

MegaBoom Voxa Pro Wireless Speaker Features and Benefits

  • 1800mHa battery life on a six to eight hour charge.
  • Wireless streaming with Bluetooth 5.0 without interruptions.
  • Compatible with BT, hands-free mode, memory card, USB and also USB-C auxiliary input.
  • Small, light and manageable, weighing only 550g, you can also carry it on its hanger.
  • Intelligent system for instant and stable connection, it also has voice control and recognition.
  • Balanced bass with concert-quality reproduction, dual passive speakers give you music without jarring. Deep bass is removed.
  • 20W of high definition power.
  • Two speakers can be paired in stereo mode as a smart sound bar.
  • In addition, it has built-in technology similar to noise canceling headphones and echo that offers the clearest sound for all calls and an immersive 360° experience for games and music.
  • Water resistant, it will be safe from any splash.
  • Finally, if you want non-stop music, you can store all your favorite tracks on the 256gb of Photo Stick Omni and keep the party going.
  • As an alternative to this speaker you can find Beatfy 360 with an excellent price and very good ratings.
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MegaBoom Voxa Pro Bluetooth Speaker Reviews and Opinions

Every year an improved model of these devices comes out. It is true that every time the sounds are more enveloping, and that the prices adjust more and more to the pocket of the consumer. Last year I bought a similar one.

buy Voxa Pro reviews and opinions

If the speakers are good, immersive TV and music experiences when paired with the two and getting 40W can be very good. They are very comfortable to use on the desk.

buy Voxa Pro reviews and opinions
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buy Voxa Pro reviews and opinions
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