Winergy the new phone wireless charger

winergy wireless car charger

Charge any device with Winergy the new wireless charger

Winergy is the new next-generation wireless charger. This fast phone charger is designed to quickly charge any device or gadget.

Winergy is a wireless charger for all devices

In addition to this, being generic manufactured, you can replace any samsung, iPhone or Apple wireless charger for this devide.

Winergy is small and thanks to its stable and solid design, it can be attached to any work table, area of the house or outside. It can also be easily transported and used anywhere.

winergy wireless charger
With the right adapter we can turn this gadget into a wireless car charger. We just have to plug it into the vehicle’s connections and finally we will have a universal charging system.

Winergy , the final solution for for smartphones of the whole family

Thanks to this powerful wireless charger, all family members can always have 100% their smartphones and devices. This is because it is compatible with all Android and Apple models, in addition to tablets, iPads and many other peripherals.

Winergy Features

  • Connection system: standard micro-USB 12V
  • It is the ideal charging system for any device, since it avoids the need for cables of any kind and therefore it is of standard use for all.
  • Charging Distance until 1 cm.
  • Compatible with all brands, Samsumg, Apple etc.. and devices, airpads, smartphones, tablets..
  • Elegant and lightweight design. It can be easily transported.
  • It is the most powerful power bank in its category, allowing fast charges.
  • It is advisable not to get it wet, and disconnect it after charging to avoid accumulation of static electricity.
  • It can be used together with the Watt Pro Saver electricity saver to avoid energy losses.

winergy wireless phone charger

Winergy the wireless charger reviews

I am very satisfied with this product. In addition it endures the blows very well, it fell several times and continues working.

Winergy the wireless charger reviews

Of all I’ve tried, the best wireless charger so far. It works with all smartphones without problems. I recommend it to you.

Winergy the wireless charger reviews
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