TVShareMax connect phone to tv

tvsharemax how connect phone to tv reviews and opinions

All Android on television with TVShareMax, official product

TvShareMax is a gadget that allows us to synchronize our smartphone with television or any other peripheral, such as a pc monitor, a projector, etc. In addition to this, it is compatible with iPhone, tablet, iPad or laptops, so we can cast the phone or iPhone to TV anytime, anywhere.

What can I see with TV Share Max?

Therefore this is an ideal tv connector for anyview cast, such as YouTube channels, Netflix content, HBO or mazon Prime in direct streaming.

You can watch all TV channels anywhere

In addition to this, it will allow us to make presentations of all kinds from our smartphone, as well as photo viewings, home videos, real-time games and everything we can think of.

Any TV can be Smart TV with this device

tvsharemax cast phone to tv reviews and opinions
TvShareMax helps us convert our TV into a smart TV anywhere and from any smartphone or iPhone in seconds.

In addition to this, and thanks to the direct cable connection, it does not need any installation, so in conclusion, it is the easiest gadget to use.

TvShareMax the mobile screen cast features

  • Connections for all types of devices; AV,HDMI,Mode switch
  • High transmission speed, connect phone to tv in seconds.
  • Small dimensions, easy to transport anywhere.As a result guarantees a connection wherever you go
  • Compatible with all operating systems, both Android, iOS and PC. As a result can you cast phone or iPhone to tv
  • It is the best screen mirror for games on the market right now
  • Needs adapter to connect with older thick screen TVs.
  • Voted the best TV Box of this year ahead of its competitors.
  • Free shipping worldwide and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

TvShareMax tv connector reviews and opinions

Thanks to this device I can cast iPhone to TV without problems, it works very well and performs retransmissions without cuts. You also play without pixelating or losing image quality.

TvShareMax  tv connector reviews

We use it to play, as well as to watch streaming series from the phone. I love it and I can use it in the living room with HB technology or on the TV in the room, which is older. Is simulary to TV Caster, and it adapts to both formats.

TvShareMax  tv connector reviews
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