Zoomshot Pro tactical zoom for smartphones

Zoomshot Pro zoom for smartphones reviews and opinions

The mobile phone tactical zoom Zoomshot Pro fits everything

ZoomShot Pro is the new tactical zoom for smartphones and tablets that resists all types of terrain and that with its magnification up to X18 will allow you to take the best photos outdoors without the need to carry a professional camera.

An all-rounder with the Zoom Shot Pro mobile zoom

Thanks to the resistance of its housing, and to its anti-shock and scratch-proof lens, the new ZoomShot Pro tactical zoom for smartphones allows us to go to any scenario and handle it without fear of hitting it or fall.

A very useful and efficient monocular

Its excellent adaptability will allow us to take panoramic views from climbing, at sea, or anywhere.

4K quality photos with any camera with ZoomShot Pro

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The main feature of the new Zoomshot Pro tactical zoom is the possibility of obtaining 4k quality in your photos from a great distance against very defined targets, or for panoramas.

In addition to this, the easy-to-clean lens glass is always ready to be able to obtain photos quickly and capture moments before they are no longer there, such as the passage of animals.

Main Features of zoom phone cameras ZoomShot Pro

  • Lens of up to x18 increases with total clarity.
  • You can clean it very easily with a damp cloth with glass cleaner.
  • Structure resistant to shocks and falls, does not break or damage regulators.
  • Detachable and lightweight tripod, it hardly takes up space.
  • The lens is reinforced and protected against scratches and bumps, not easily pitted.
  • The magnification can be adjusted with great precision in order to obtain the exact photo.
  • It has a pressure clip that allows to fit any phone and tablet without problems.
  • It is specially designed to withstand excursions in nature.
  • The entire structure is protected against water, so that if it gets wet it does not enter the circuit , nor does it rust.

Unique features of the Zoom Shot Pro portable telescope

  • The zoom lens is anti-glare and eliminates reflections when capturing images.
  • With a stability stand, you could take panoramas that are out of the reach of many professional photographers.
  • You can regulate the distance with total precision thanks to the nano-technology applied to the internal mechanism according to the review of the manufacturer.
  • Together with the xWatch smartwatch, it is the best-selling mobile accessory this year.
  • Clearer visibility even under adverse weather conditions.
  • In case of breakage, the lens can be exchanged for a new one without problems.
  • Using the Zoom and with the appropriate software and a smartwatch you can take selfies from more than 20 meters away super detailed and sharp
  • Whenever you use the Zoom Shot Pro tripod, you must make sure that the phone or tablet is firmly attached to the gadget, and that the legs are well balanced.
  • The lens filter will allow you to do night viewing.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Use Zoom Shot Pro to create HD videos and documentaries

If you like to shoot videos and nature documentaries, the ZoomShot Pro telescope tripod will give you stability, and its increases the definition necessary to make this type of film. Remember, it is unethical to use it to spy on people, nor legal to share videos without authorization.

Reviews and opinions of the ZoomShot Pro tactical smartphone zoom

I bought one a few weeks ago and it fits perfectly with the camera of my Xiaomi and that of my wife’s Samsumg. The truth is that it takes really cool photos from far away and it’s very easy to use. I think it’s the same model as the Starscope monocular, but it says 10×50 on that one.

Zoomshot Pro the best zoom for smartphones reviews and opinions

I’m a big fan of bird watching, and I go out into the country a lot for that. Thanks to the excellent tripod and the fact that I can see them from my mobile from far away, now I not only enjoy my hobby, but I am also collecting a first quality photo album.

Zoomshot Pro the best zoom for smartphones reviews and opinions

I have a Zoom for the phone, and I use it with my children and nephews to take natural photos of them when they are playing in the backyard, and they get beautiful shots.

Zoomshot Pro the best zoom for smartphones reviews and opinions

Is it possible to buy it blank? It suits me best with my phone and cases.

Zoomshot Pro the best zoom for smartphones reviews and opinions
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buy Zoomshot Pro zoom for smartphones reviews and opinions
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