Ringo, the bottle that holds your phone

Ringo bottle reviews and opinions

You can’t imagine the things you can do with Ringo, the magnetic bottle Ringo is a bottle with a magnetic phone holder specially designed to withstand the weight of your phone and accommodate your conversations, watching videos, video conferencing and more, while having your hands free. Official store Access here to buy How does the Ringo … Read more

DJI Osmo Mobile 6, the ideal image stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 reviews and opinions

Get a quality image with DJI Osmo Mobile 6 on any terrain DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is a high-quality phone image stabilizer that allows you to record videos and take photos without shaking even when you are in fast movements, such as running, cycling, jumping or doing any activity. Official store Access here to buy How … Read more

DJI Osmo Action 3, real action camera

DJI Osmo Action 3 reviews and opinions

Extreme image and video with DJI Osmo Action 3, the total camera DJI Osmo Action 3 is the new evolution of the most requested extreme sports camera in recent months. New, more comprehensive stabilization systems allow you to eliminate shakes in any situation with 4K HDR image qualities. Official store Access here to buy No environment … Read more

PhotoStick Omni, 64Gb, 128Gb and 256Gb pendrive with file search

The Photostick Omni reseñas y opiniones

More space with The Photo Stick Omni to store and recover files PhotoStick Omni is a memory stick, with software that allows you to recover your photos and videos. You can buy a 64G, 128Gb or 256GB memory stick according to your needs. This USB 3.2 memory is faster and more efficient than a portable … Read more

Smarty Drone, remote control quadcopter

Smarty Drone review and opinions

360 degree flights with Smarty Drone, the acrobatic quadcopter Smarty Drone is a new quadcopter with 360º flight capability and a 4K camera that allows you to program flight routes, perfect handling from your smartphone and various types of intelligent flight ideal for beginners and experts. -50% in official store The best videos in motion … Read more

Recover deleted photos and videos

With the right software you can recover your deleted photos Recovering deleted phone photos or missing videos can be a complicated task. If you have the right software and a good storage center, you will never lose files from your phone again. Recovery software Ideal flash drive Recover files Security advice Reviews and opinions See … Read more

Flash Drive X Pro, universal 32Gb memory

Flash Drive Pro review and opinions

Save any file with Flash Drive X Pro, from phone or tablet Flash Drive X Pro is a universal memory stick that has inputs for all types of devices, and that adapts to computers, even Apple products with the Lightning connector. You will always have 32Gb of space. -50% in official store Instant download technology … Read more

Mobee Pro Cinemashot, the image stabilizer

Mobee Pro Cinemashot review and opinions

Perfect photos and videos with Mobee Pro Cinemashot, stable and sharp image Mobee Pro Cinemashot is a camera stabilizer mount that fits phones and tablets. With this device you can have a totally continuous image without jumps and without distortion. You will be able to avoid blurred photos and you will get professional video quality. … Read more

Monocular zoom for smartphones

Monocular Zoom for telephone reviews

The best monocular zoom telescopes for mobile phones Below you can see the list with the comparison of the best monocular zoom telescopes for smartphones. These phone accessories are great tools for getting high-quality photos and videos from a distance in great detail. Ultra Zoom ZoomShot Pro StarScope FAQ Reviews and opinions Our comparison of … Read more