Alternatives to remove earwax plugs

Alternatives to remove earwax

What are earwax plugs and why is it important to remove them

Cerumen is a substance that secretes the ear of people and animals. It is a yellow-colored substance that can have different shades, and provides important protection against infections and insects. When cerumen is produced in excess, it can cause plugs that are detrimental to ear health.

Problems derived from excess earwax

When earwax plugs form in the ear, in addition to possible infections and hearing loss, it is possible to permanently damage the ear canal. That is why it is important to remove earplugs when they form.

Common remedies to remove earwax plugs at home

Irrigation of water by means of a syringe

This is one of the most widely used methods, consisting of extracting the ear plug by means of water pressure using a syringe. This practice is often effective, although it carries risks if pressure is not applied correctly.

Wax extraction using cotton swabs

Another of the home remedies that are most used to clean excess earwax are cotton swabs or curettes. There are different models with heads of various shapes and sizes, even for use in small children . This remedy is very practical, but there is a risk that when cleaning, the earwax will be pushed into the ear canal, making it difficult to remove.

There are new alternatives to home remedies to remove earwax plugs

New technologies and the application of more flexible materials with more efficient and ergonomic shapes allow the extraction of earwax minimizing risks.

Spiral Ear Cleaner

These devices consist of a very flexible silicone head that forms a cone-shaped spiral. This head is partially inserted into the ear canal, and by means of an electric motor it rotates in such a way that it extracts the earwax.

Experts recommend softening earwax with essential oils or ear drops, which are usually sold in pharmacies to get a better cleaning of the ear canal.

Spiral ear cleaner, review and opinions
In the image we can see an ear cleaner with a spiral head compared to traditional cotton swabs.

There are dozens of brands, and they can be bought in specialized stores or pharmacies and their use is relatively simple, Among them Tvidler Pro.

Silicone spoon ear cleaner with chamber

Another of the advances that we can see with new technologies are silicone ear cleaners with a spoon-shaped head, which also incorporate a camera. These devices have the same mechanics as cotton swabs, with a head that allows the removal of earwax from the sides of the ear canal in small portions.

In addition to this, the built-in camera allows us to see on the screen of a device, be it a tablet or a phone, as well as a computer how the cleaning is done in detail. This allows an individual to remove earwax on their own and without help.

Earwax remover with camera, review and opinions
In the image we can see an ear cleaner with a spoon head and a camera that allows us to see where the earwax is and thus clean it more effectively.

Different models can be found on the market, and can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized stores. They also allow a better visual perspective to extract earwax without help.

In the event of any plug of earwax that does not come out easily, go to professionals

When earwax is very thick, dry, or deeply embedded in the ear canal, ear drops may not be enough to help you use these earplug removal methods. In these cases, it is advisable to go to a health center for removal and avoid the risk of further embedding the plug.