Asselion Fast Charger, USB charger x4

Asselion Fast Charger, reviews and opinions

Charge four at a time with Asselion Fast Charger

Asselion Fast Charger is a multi charger with capacity for up to four devices at the same time. This allows us to have a faster and more efficient charge of our devices, since it maintains the charging speed no matter how many devices are connected.

Avoid overloads with the Asselion Fast Charger USB charger

When you are charging devices with different types of batteries and different inputs, such as USB and USC-C, at the same time, there may be differences in voltage. Asselion Fast Charger multi-charger firewall keeps power stable to all devices.

Charge any device in record time with Asselion Fast Charger

Asselion Fast Charger review and opinions
In batteries up to 5000 MaH you will not need more than an hour. The Asselion Fast Charger multi-charger works the same on USB as it does on USB-C or Apple devices.

In addition to this, you can work with continuous operation 12V devices while charging your smartphone, drone or any other.

Properties and advantages of the Asselion Fast Charger multiple charger

  • Average charging speed for devices up to 5000MaH between 45 and 60 minutes
  • Four universal USB inputs and compatible with all devices.
  • Protection against power surges that makes it more stable.
  • Safe and reliable against overload fires.
  • Different loads, works at the same speed with one, two, three or four devices connected.
  • Do not get wet, it is convenient to plug it in areas without steam such as bathrooms or saunas.
  • Ideal for travelers who need to be connected at all times.
  • You can use it as a stabilizer for more than one mini portable air cooler.
  • In addition, it can work permanently connected 24 hours a day without heating up.
  • Save time and electricity in any situation.
  • If you use LED mosquito traps it’s perfect in summer to roll all day.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without commitment
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax ID and sells directly from the brand’s factory, without the intermediation of third parties. It is NOT sale by dropshipping and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%
  • Other tech lovers also refer to Xtra PC.

Asselion Fast Charger, reviews and opinions

Asselion Fast Charger Multiple USB Charger Reviews and Opinions

Nowadays they are very useful, since each member of the family travels with one or two devices that need to recharge the battery. I think it is very useful for families too.

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I only see one problem, and that is if it breaks, you can’t charge any of your devices. In my experience, this type of device is best bought two at a time.

buy Asselion Fast Charger reviews and opinions
Logistics in supermarket

buy Asselion Fast Charger reviews and opinions
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Asselion Fast Charger
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