Thermotherapy, discover infrared therapy for pain with me

Discover the different applications of infrared therapy, in aesthetics and health

Infrared treatment is the one that by means of an infrared laser light, heat is emitted to an area of the body, head or face. The application of these devices allows, above all, to increase the blood flow in the desired area in order to obtain aesthetic or physical results. Learn more in the following essay.

Preventing hair loss with infrared therapy is now easier

Many people suffer from hair loss, and one of its main causes is the lack of blood supply. Infrared treatment can solve this problem progressively.

Airpoww, infrared treatment for hair loss, review and opinions

HairPoww, anti hair loss brush by UV light

Airpoww infrared hair loss treatment is simple and effective, you can use it at home daily.

In addition to this, it recovers hair in areas that have already fallen out over time.

Thermotherapy to eliminate fat and cellulite

Another advantage of infrared therapy with UV light is that you can reduce accumulated body fat and problems with varicose veins.

Maselead Pro, thermotherapy to reduce fat, review and opinions

Maselead Pro, easy-to-use thermotherapy at home

The Maselead Pro portable thermotherapy device is perfect to use at home and reduce localized fat in the thighs, abdomen, arms or chest.

In addition to this, it helps reduce cellulite and firm up flaccid skin.

Infrared therapy lamp for muscle injuries

The famous lamps that have been used for years in physiotherapy centers are excellent tools for infrared treatment of muscle injuries, tendonitis etc.

PhysioLamp, thermotherapy for injuries, review and opinions

PhysioLamp, infrared therapy lamp

If you usually have back ailments, extremities or chronic injuries, PhysioLamp thermotherapy sessions will save you money.

In addition to this, this machine will help you with sprains, tendinitis, low back pain and other types of pain and injuries.

Tips when following an infrared therapy at home

  • First of all, you must learn to use the device, whatever its use.
  • Remember to moisturize the skin in the area to which you apply the treatment.
  • If you have atopic skin, consult your dermatologist first.
  • Avoid burns, carry out tests from lower to higher intensity until you find the optimal point.
  • Although you use thermotherapy to recover faster from injuries, they have a healing process and you must follow the guidelines correctly.
  • To reduce localized fat, it is also advisable to exercise, this way you will avoid sagging skin.
  • You can consult the reviews of the products mentioned above at Airpoww , Maselead Pro and PhysioLamp, related to this post.
  • Never use any infrared device near the eyes or mucous membranes.

Reviews and opinions on how to perform infrared therapy at home

It is really true that thermotherapy lamps are very useful when it comes to reducing the time of an injury, and relieving joint and muscle pain. In my experience it is ideal.

Infrared therapy, thermotherapy

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