CHILL Premium AC, the air cooler to save money

CHILL Premium AC reviews and opinions

Using a mini air cooler like CHILL Premium has become a trend this summer

CHILL Premium AC is, together with a whole new range of air coolers, a cheap, simple and much more ecological way to have a cool environment in any room of our house than air conditioners. They are handy portable and highly recommended.

To save this summer, try the CHILL Premium AC mini air cooler and you will notice the difference

When air conditioners, even though they have A++ energy certification, consume between 400V and 600V of power, and instead, mini air coolers like CHILL Premium AC only 12V. It is clear that consumption will always be lower.

Nano ice particles for more efficient cooling with CHILL Premium AC

CHILL Premium review and opinions
Thanks to a new technology that allows you to vaporize micro ice particles, the new CHILL Premium mini air cooler refreshes much faster and distributes fresh air longer using little water.

In addition to this, the vaporized air is distributed evenly and humidifies the air effectively without wetting any surface, thus avoiding dirtying or damaging nearby furniture and appliances.

Characteristics and advantages of the CHILL Premium AC mini air cooler

  • 3200Mah battery with more than 12 hours duration on a single charge.
  • Three fan speeds, you can have a relaxing breeze or more intense air.
  • Less than 6Db, quiet and perfect to use at bedtime.
  • Refreshes the environment for hours in any medium-sized room.
  • With two units at the same time you will be able to cool large rooms.
  • Minimum consumption, with a 12V charge you have a full battery spending very little money.
  • Thanks to the fact that it works without a cable, you obtain better efficiency in your home, avoiding power peaks in the use of electrical devices.
  • Ecological, unlike air conditioners, it does not need chemicals to cool the air.
  • On the other hand, the system to cool the rooms is less powerful, and requires a little more time.
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  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Final rating of the CHILL Premium AC mini air cooler review

It is worth noting the low consumption of this model, and above all the energy savings that cooling a room with this type of device means. For those people who do not like the cold provided by traditional air conditioners, the CHILL Premium AC air cooler is an excellent option.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the review of CHILL Premium AC

Compared to other devices shown this year on our website, this model has a very decorative design, and can also be very functional in winter, helping to humidify dry environments generated by heating. Practical and detailed, it is ideal for any corner of the home.

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