Chillwell, the portable neck fan

Chillwell fan, reviews and opinions

The ideal ally to move around in summer is Chillwell, the lightest portable fan

Chillwell Wearable is a neck fan with air propelled by internal turbines, which provides a cool breeze on the neck, face and chest while you carry it on your shoulders.

How does the Chillwell personal fan work?

In the same way as other neck fans, this device is worn on the shoulders and blows air around the neck and on the user’s face. Chillwill Wearable, unlike other models, expels compressed air, which is cooler and helps maintain body temperature.

Using the Chillwell neck fan in summer helps you perform better

Chillwell review and opinions
When it’s hot our performance decreases, thanks to the Chillwell neck fan you will be cooler and more comfortable in the office or at any job, since it holds without falling and is not annoying at all.

In addition to this, you will sweat much less, even when you go down the street or play sports, thus keeping you safe from heat stroke or dehydration on days of severe heat.

Features and benefits of the Chillwell portable neck fan

  • Battery life up to 6 hours without losing power. USB cable charging mode.
  • Compact and lightweight model, it fits like a headband around your neck, but loosely.
  • With conco air vents, nape, neck sides and front on both sides.
  • More powerful 360º breeze effect.
  • Three ventilation powers, which allow you to regulate your body in different heat situations.
  • Metal plate that helps cool the air that comes out to you.
  • 1-touch control that doesn’t need more than a single button. The simplest to use in its category.
  • In addition to this, it is completely silent and does not disturb you while doing your tasks.
  • Ranked among best portable neck fans this summer.
  • High quality appliance from the same brand as ChillWell AC 2.0 the best-selling evaporative aircooler.
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Chillwell Neck Fan Review Final Rating

First of all, turbines that provide air under pressure are much more efficient than conventional blades. On the other hand, the model is rigid, so it is more difficult to adjust to the shoulders. Within its category it is a good purchase option.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the Chillwell personal fan review

Compared with other similar devices, it is light and comfortable to wear. Also, the battery really lasts 6 hours, so the mechanics are reliable. The fan in minimum mode seems a bit weak to me, but at medium and high power they are very good.

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