BrushAi, ultrasonic toothbrush

Brushai review and opinions

360º brushing with BrushAi, the cheapest whitening brush BrushAi is a 360º high power UV teeth whitening brush. stands out above the rest for its low cost and high performance. Now you will have no excuse to have white and perfect teeth. -50% in official store Using BrushAi teeth whitening positively affects your health Hygiene … Read more

Tander UV, family toothbrush sterilizer

Tander uv review and opinions

The support for brushes Tander UV sterilizes effectively Tander UV is a sterilizing toothbrush holder that you can place on any wall in your bathroom. It also includes a toothpaste dispenser and allows you to place up to five brushes, both manual and electric. -50% in official store The Tander UV toothbrush sterilizer is for … Read more

Klean UV Pro the toothbrush sterilizer

Klean UV Pro review and opinions

Total hygiene in your mouth with Klean UV Pro and its powerful UV light Klean UV Pro is a UV toothbrush sterilizer that removes bacteria and dirt from the entire cleaning head efficiently, quickly and without damaging the bristles or irrigator head. This model is universal and can be used with everything. -50% in official … Read more

UV Tooth Sterilizer disinfects your toothbrushes

UV Tooth Sterilizer reseña y opiniones

Your mouth healthier using UV Tooth Sterilizer on all your toothbrushes UV Tooth Sterilizer is a holder for toothbrushes with a UV light sterilization system that allows the whole family’s oral cleaning instruments to be disinfected in a few minutes, eliminating viruses and bacteria, and thus allowing each brushing to be hygienic and refreshing. -50% … Read more

Jawfit Pro jaw exerciser and stimulator

Jawfit Pro jaw stimulator reviews and opinions

With the Jawfit Pro jaw stimulator you will achieve a more youthful appearance Jawfit Pro is the new device specially designed to exercise all the muscles of the jaw safely and effectively. This new facial stimulator has been created so that you can enjoy a younger, wrinkle-free face with just a few minutes of daily … Read more

The best tooth cleaners and whiteners

the best tooth whiteners and ultrasonic tooth cleaners

Ultrasonic or LED teeth whitening, the best options There are currently two systems for cleaning and whitening teeth at home that are presented as really effective, cheap and that you can do yourself without having to go to the dentist on a regular basis. Ultrasonic tooth cleaners and supersonic 360º. Ultrasonic dental cleaner, without water, … Read more

uSmile Pro, CleanT dental cleaner

uSmile pro toothbrush automatic whitening led reviews

Cleaning and teeth whitening in 10 seconds with uSmile Pro, CleanT official product Usmile Pro, from the brand CleanT, is a new ultra-fast automatic led whitening toothbrush that includes whitening by means of LED light in various degrees of power. Although it seems unreal, it is effective and works really well. See the official product … Read more

SoniClean the new ultrasonic tooth cleaner

SoniClean ultrasonic tooth cleaner

Review of the official product Soniclean, the new ultrasonic tooth cleaner SoniClean is a new ultrasonic tooth cleaner designed by dental health experts called Supersonic Brush. It is a gadget that cleans and whitens teeth through acoustic vibration, also called ultrasound. The ultrasonic tooth cleaner with new official brand Now the new ultrasonic teeth cleaner … Read more