Forever Lash Ideal,mascara for eyelashes

Forever Lash review and opinions

Deep and captivating gaze with Forever Lash and your mega lashes Forever Lash by Ideal is a special compound that will make your eyelashes grow progressively and spectacularly, providing volume and length beyond what is natural. It goes on like a mascara and works really well. -50% in official store Goodbye to all kinds of … Read more

Bleame, crystal epilator

Bleame review and opinions

New depilatory method with Bleame, gentle hair remover Bleame is a depilatory crystal with exfoliating effects for the skin, which, due to its design based on Nano-Crystalline technology, does not irritate or cause cuts in the skin. In this review you will see why it is ideal for men and women. -50% in official store … Read more

ZeroSave Pro, 360º circular shaver

ZeroShave review and opinions

Take the ZeroShave Pro shaver anywhere and use it whenever you want ZeroShave Pro is a cordless pocket shaver for men that allows you to dry shave anywhere, in just a few minutes. You will enjoy a perfect shave without irritations and with a total cleanliness. -50% in official store Reach every corner of your … Read more

Hairpoww, anti-loss infrared laser brush

Hairpoww review and opinions

Preserve your hair with HairPoww, the infrared brush that strengthens the hair HairPoww is an anti-loss brush that works by means of a low-frequency infrared laser. Regular massages with this device improve the blood supply to the scalp and make it easier for the hair root to become stronger. -50% in official store Stronger hair … Read more

Trimsher, elegant shaver for men

Trimsher reviews and opinions

The most elegant shave with Trimsher, the blade of the future Trimsher is a new electric shaver that combines the precision and closeness of a razor blade and the elegance and design of classic shavers. Its sharper head gives you a shave and haircut with your own style and professional definition. -50% in official store … Read more

Hair Helmet anti-hair loss laser test

Hair Grow Helmet reseñas y opiniones

With the Hair Helmet laser treatment you will recover your hair Hair Helmet is an innovative helmet that provides a laser treatment to regenerate hair and to prevent hair loss in both men and women. It works with all types of alopecia and with men and women of all ages. -50% in official store Regenerate … Read more

X-Trimmer the electric dry shaver

X Trimmer the new electric razor led

The best dry shave with X-Trimmer, blade type OneBlade X-Trimer X-Ergo is an electric razor specially designed for dry shaving. Thanks to its new system type OneBlade, it removes the beard in a single pass without causing irritation to the skin and with a closeness as perfect as that of conventional blades. -50% in official … Read more

Velour Skin the portable laser epilator

portable photoelectric laser epilator painless Velour Skin

The new photoelectric portable laser epilator Velour Skin for use anywhere Velour Skin is the new totally painless portable IPL laser epilator that you can use anywhere on the body. With this new device, you can have laser hair removal in eight weeks without having to go to specialized centers. -50% in official store Photoelectric … Read more

RazorX the smoothest dry shaver

Blade Razor X the new electric razor with led

Dry shave with Blade RazorX , official product RazorX RzrX is a totally revolutionary dry shaver. With this new shaving system there is no need for shaving foam and reduces water use considerably, saving a lot of money a year. -50% in official store How does the Razor RzrX dry shaver work? This razor has … Read more