Qinux HerGlow, the hair loss laser brush

Qinux HerGlow review and opinions

Now you can restore the life of your hair with Qinux HerGlow and rejuvenate it Qinux HerGlow is a hair loss brush with very soft and flexible bristles and a handle designed so that you can brush your hair without damaging or breaking it. In addition, it includes low-intensity laser technology to strengthen from root … Read more

Hair Straight Pro, the thermal styling brush

Hair Straight Pro review and opinions

Change your style instantly with Hair Straight Pro, your professional straightener Hair Straight Pro is an innovative thermal hair straightening brush that gives you a smooth and straight hairstyle in just a few minutes. You can use it wet and dry, thanks to its adjustable temperature control that adapts to all your needs. Official store Access … Read more

H201 SHIFT, aromatherapy shower kit

H201 SHIFT Aromatherapy Shower Kit review and opinions

Water and relaxation all in one with H201 SHIFT, your home Spa H201 SHIFT Aromatherapy Shower Kit is the equivalent of capsule coffee in a shower version. It is as simple as placing an aromatic capsule in the shower head and enjoying a relaxing and scented bath session. -50% in official store Thinner and silkier … Read more

Forever Lash Ideal,mascara for eyelashes

Forever Lash review and opinions

Deep and captivating gaze with Forever Lash and your mega lashes Forever Lash by Ideal is a special compound that will make your eyelashes grow progressively and spectacularly, providing volume and length beyond what is natural. It goes on like a mascara and works really well. -50% in official store Goodbye to all kinds of … Read more

Bleame, crystal epilator

Bleame review and opinions

New depilatory method with Bleame, gentle hair remover Bleame is a depilatory crystal with exfoliating effects for the skin, which, due to its design based on Nano-Crystalline technology, does not irritate or cause cuts in the skin. In this review you will see why it is ideal for men and women. -50% in official store … Read more

ZeroSave Pro, 360º circular shaver

ZeroShave review and opinions

Take the ZeroShave Pro shaver anywhere and use it whenever you want ZeroShave Pro is a cordless pocket shaver for men that allows you to dry shave anywhere, in just a few minutes. You will enjoy a perfect shave without irritations and with a total cleanliness. -50% in official store Reach every corner of your … Read more

Hairpoww, anti-loss infrared laser brush

Hairpoww review and opinions

Preserve your hair with HairPoww, the infrared brush that strengthens the hair HairPoww is an anti-loss brush that works by means of a low-frequency infrared laser. Regular massages with this device improve the blood supply to the scalp and make it easier for the hair root to become stronger. -50% in official store Stronger hair … Read more

Trimsher, elegant shaver for men

Trimsher reviews and opinions

Attention: I have written this review based on my real experiences and consulting the technical data with the official sales company after testing the product. The opinions and conclusions of both mine and third parties are real and at no time are they intended to influence your purchase decision. The most elegant shave with Trimsher, … Read more