How to remove dents from the car with this suction cup

Learn the best way to remove car dents yourself

How to remove dents, review and opinions
How to remove dents from your car without further damaging it and leaving it in perfect condition and without going through the workshop. That is something that today, and without having advanced knowledge of mechanics, anyone can know. Learn more in the tutorial below.

Complete process of how you can repair a car dent

When we have a blow to the body of the car, it is important to act quickly, and not leave the dented area for a long time, because the paint can chip. Using the proper procedure and knowing how to remove dents from the car will allow you to do it without damaging it with the enamel intact.

The new suction cups to repair dents in the bodywork the best method

Remove dents with suction cup Nomoden, review and opinions
In the past, suction cup plungers were used to remove dents from car doors and bodywork, today companies such as Nomoden, offer specialized devices in this process that are much more effective.

In addition to this, you can safely use them on metal furniture, appliances and other surfaces.

All the steps to remove dents with a suction cup

  • First of all, you must prepare the damaged bodywork, cleaning any dirt from the surface.
  • Second, center the suction cup as far as possible over the dent and press down.
  • Next, seal the suction cup with the handle, so that it stays attached.
  • If the dent is very large, you can try to repair it in sections.
  • Finally, pull outwards, applying progressive rubber force until the depressed part comes out.
  • You can see the process in the graphic below. (English)

How to remove dents with a suction cup, review and opinions

How to remove paint damage if it has been cracked or damaged in dent removal

  • If the enamel has been damaged in the repair process, use specialized products first.
  • First, lightly sand the damaged area to make it smooth.
  • Next, apply a scratch remover such as Scratch Undo Pro in the area without paint and the outline.
  • Finally, leave the car safe for 24 hours from rain, humidity and other inclement weather.
  • Other users interested in the health of their car have also reviewed the review on How clean electrical connectors, to maintain total maintenance.

How to remove dents from the car with the dryer and the suction cup

  • First of all, it is important to understand that hot air increases the elasticity of the paint and prevents us from damaging it when repairing the body.
  • By heating the sunken surface, in many cases we will get it to return to its place when the dent is slight.
  • If not, we will apply the suction cup on the hot surface and make the repair.
  • With this method it is easier to repair the deformation of the sheet metal and with less damage.
  • As a final note, we will add that the hotter the surface to be repaired, the better results we will obtain.
  • Remember that many repairs to your car can be done yourself without the need for specialized training.

Reviews and opinions on how to remove car dents

Mer had a blow a few months ago, and since I had no money for the repair, I left the plate sunk. Soon some enamel fell off and the metal part is rusting. Now I regret not fixing it, because it will be more expensive.

How to remove dents from the car

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