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Illuminova Flashlight, reviews and opinions

Always carry light with you with Illuminova, the keychain flashlight

Illuminova is a small but very powerful pocket flashlight. It has a strobe light beam that can reach 125 meters and three other adjustable modes that allow you to have any type of lighting instantly wherever you are.

How the Illuminova Compact Lighting Flashlight Works

Thanks to a 350MaH battery and a highly engineered strobe crystal, the LED light generated from the Illuminova flashlight is optimized and expanded with greater efficiency and with less consumption in terms of energy used in lighting .

With the Illuminova pocket torch you have a light for everything

Illuminova review and opinions
If you have an active life, and you like activities such as sports, camping, fishing, or any activity that can also be done at night, the Illuminova pocket flashlight with a duration of more than 40 hours is your best ally.

In addition to this, you can always take it with you for emergencies, such as car breakdowns at night, blackouts at home or simply looking for anything in the dark, the charge lasts 6 months in passive mode.

Illuminova Compact Flashlight Features and Benefits

  • 350MaH USB-C type charging battery with more than 120 hours duration according to the official website review.
  • In addition, it has more than 50,000 hours of useful life of LED use.
  • Small and light, you can carry it attached to the key ring or to any bar that fits into the ring.
  • Three different lighting modes that allow you to have the power you need at all times.
  • In addition to this, the strobe mode illuminates spaces up to 125 meters and is an excellent option for distress signals.
  • IPX4 structure that makes it resistant to water and shock.
  • Magnetic cover that allows a fastening to any metal and frees your hands.
  • High precision optics that allows you to focus the beam of light more precisely.
  • Ideal for any type of activity in which you are in dark environments, cycling, camping, fishing etc..
  • Together with Qinux BatForce LX is one of the best-selling flashlights this semester.
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Illuminova Pocket Flashlight Review Final Rating

Ideal to carry on your key ring and be able to use it when you need it, it is an excellent tool that can get you out of trouble in many types of emergencies. The intelligent battery that maintains the charge for up to six months is the best when it comes to lights in this category.

Illuminova Compact Flashlight Reviewer’s Conclusions and Opinions

Although it does not illuminate as much as tactical flashlights, it has the great advantage that it hardly takes up space. I have beaten it and wet it to verify that it works well and continues to project light. Personally I find it very useful and of good quality.

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