Light Socket, security camera from DotCom

Light Socket Security Camera, reviews and opinions

4G security in the new Light Socket camera, total video surveillance

Light Socket is DotCom’s new security camera, ideal for outdoors and indoors. It has a wide variety of functions, and has significantly improved its connection speed (WiFi and 5G) so that your home is always safe.

Full control of the DotCom Light Socket security camera

From the screen of your Android phone or iPhone, you will have full touch control of one or more DotCom Light Socket security cameras simultaneously. In addition, detection systems send alerts to your phone when there is an intruder.

Keep an eye on everything you need with DotCom Light Socket security cameras

Light Socket review and opinions
Thanks to the standard bulb thread, and the fact that it can use WiFi and 5G connection, the Light Socket security camera can be installed in your home, your business, monitoring the street, the gate, the garden or even the warehouse.

In addition to this, the APP is free to use, and allows you to use cameras indefinitely without having to pay any subscription or additional fees, just buy the security system and nothing further.

Features and benefits of the DotCom Light Socket security camera

  • Without a battery, the power supply is taken directly from the outlet.
  • Standard lamp holder connection that is included with the order.
  • 2.4 Gh WiFi with long range that allows you to have all the cameras connected to a single connection.
  • In addition to this, you can connect via 5G (card not included), ideal for rural areas.
  • HD image quality even in night mode.
  • Remote control 360º laterally, plus 180º in height.
  • Two-way Miq that allows you fluid communication with people on the other side.
  • Alarm mode to scare away any intruders and prevent break-ins.
  • One of the best wireless security cameras of this moment.
  • You can install it outdoors, but it is also one of the indoor WiFi surveillance cameras best rated.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and optional operating systems, including PC and laptop.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 30 days of return without obligation
  • Free delivery in 5-7 days throughout the USA.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale, sending from the brand’s factory, without the intermediation of third parties. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are maintained 100%
  • In case of problems with your purchase, please keep your order number. We can help you at with any of the online stores.

Our final assessment of DotCom’s Light Socket security cameras

We are talking about a good brand, DotCom products work with fast delivery throughout the USA and are highly valued. As for this video surveillance camera, it is robust, easy to use and very powerful.

DotCom Light Socket Security Camera Review Author’s Conclusions and Opinions

To make a consistent test, I installed four cameras inside and outside the house. The detection and alarm are very good, I love the night image, and you can have a closed circuit video surveillance with very little money. It is a good purchase.

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