DotCom Retractable Car Charger with Extendable Cables

Retractable Car Charger reviews and opinions

With the new DotCom retractable car charger you will never be left at zero DotCom’s retractable car charger is one of the best options when it comes to charging any type of device while you are in the car. With an innovative 4-in-1 system that allows charging in less time (30 minutes according to the … Read more

SolarBright Floodlights, the LED solar spotlight with motion sensor

SolarBright Floodlights reviews and opinions

Convenience and electricity savings with SolarBright Floodlights throughout your home SolarBright Floodlights are solar-powered LED light floodlights designed for outdoor use. They recharge during the day and stay operational all night if you need it. Official store Access here to buy Your home safer with SolarBright Floodlights light panels Thanks to sensors that activate lighting from … Read more

Better-Butter Spreader, the butter spreading knife you will love

Better-Butter spreader reviews and opinions

No brand needed, it’s called Better-Butter Spreader™ because that’s what it is Better-Butter Spreader™ is a different, innovative and very original butter spreading knife that improves any slice of bread. It is more convenient to use, it allows you to work with all types of butter, no matter how hard they are, in seconds. Official … Read more

Revita Beauty, the red and blue light LED therapy that rejuvenates you

Revita Beauty reviews and opinions

More and more women use Revita Beauty, and also men Revita Beauty is a skin rejuvenating device that features hot and cold therapies using low-intensity red and blue light. You will be able to show off younger skin on your face and neck, and you will only need three sessions per week. It is the … Read more

CozyCabin Heater, the new best-selling mini heater in the US and Canada

CozyCabin heater reviews and opinions

Save while you stay warm, CozyCabin Heater is your best option this winter CozyCabin Heater is the low consumption mini heater with the most followers in the USA and Canada. This winter it is standing out for its excellent performance, which linked to low consumption will allow you to keep any room warm while spending … Read more

Light Socket, security camera from DotCom

Light Socket Security Camera reviews and opinions

4G security in the new Light Socket camera, total video surveillance Light Socket is DotCom’s new security camera, ideal for outdoors and indoors. It has a wide variety of functions, and has significantly improved its connection speed (WiFi and 5G) so that your home is always safe. Official store Access here to buy Full control of … Read more