Loyal Watch smartwatch reviews and opinions

Loyal Watch smartwatch reviews and opinions

The easiest smartwatch to use the Loyal Watch

Loyal Watch is a very versatile button-free, fully tactile smartwatch that is designed for all kinds of sports and physical activity.

Loyal Smartwatch is one of the cheapest activity watches

Among the devices with their own brand that are sold in official stores, Loyal Smartwatch is one of the cheapest, with a price of less than € 50. This includes the warranty and after-sales service carried by all quality brands.

Is the Loyal Watch smartwatch really good?

It has practically the same functions and features as other higher-end watches such as xWatch or GX Smartwatch. In addition, it is designed to withstand sports sessions with total reliability.

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The Loyal Watch smartwatch has been created for all audiences, and is one of the easiest to use on the market according to user reviews.

In addition to this, it is a very comfortable and precise band suitable for older and young people.

Loyal Smartwatch Features

  • Batteries last longer than average for this type of sports watch.
  • Full-color display with very easy-to-read graphics.
  • All sports measurements in different modes.
  • Very accurate and useful health markers.
  • Large letters, ideal for older people.
  • Design in different colors, and various combinable replacement straps (sold separately).
  • Loyal Watch is one of the best-selling cheap smartwatches on the market in 2020.
  • It also has a more powerful anti-loss system thanks to improved Bluetooth 4.0.

Reviews and opinions of the Loyal Watch smartwatch

It is very versatile, I have the latest version and it connects me very well, the data is kept for more than three days without problems and it resists everything I’ve done so far.


It can connect with different phones without problems, my smartphone broke and when I changed and synchronized it on the new one it worked without problems. It is very good.

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