Presbyopia and eyestrain, care and prevention

it is important to prevent presbyopia and eyestrain from the beginning

What are they and how to prevent presbyopia and eyestrain?

Presbyopia and eyestrain are two similar but slightly different ailments. Presbyopia is due to degeneration caused by aging of the eye and loss of elasticity of the lens. Visual fatigue, on the other hand, is due to a continuous focus on a specific point.

Is presbyopia the same as tired eyesight?

Both conditions can cause tearing, blurred vision, itchy or red eyes, as well as difficulty focusing. This can lead to headaches, migraines, and even difficulty sleeping.

Prevent presbyopia and eyestrain before it appears

Both presbyopia and tired eyes begin to appear from the age of 40, and are accentuated between 45 and 55. Although presbyopia is more difficult to prevent, because it is caused by a degenerative quality of the eye, it can be attenuated.

Visual exercises and special glasses to prevent presbyopia and eyestrain

One of the biggest causes of eyestrain is exposure to screens for many hours. To mitigate the effects of such exposure, experts advise visual exercises such as 20-20-20, which consists of changing the visual focus for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, focusing at a distance of 20 feet (6 meters). Or every 30 minutes spend a minute focusing on a moving finger, zooming in and out of your face.

The harmful effects of blue light

One of the most damaging factors for sight and that can cause tired eyesight or accelerate the process of presbyopia, is blue light.

There are special glasses that will protect you from blue light. The Blue Blockers model is an excellent option to start using it before the symptoms appear. You can see a review of Blue Blockers light blue goggles here.

blue blockers best blue light blocking glasses against presbyopia

Block blue light from screens, against presbyopia

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blue blockers best blue light blocking glasses to prevent presbyopia and eyestrain
Blue light blocking glasses can reduce the effects of eyestrain by up to 95%. And help in presbyopia prevention

Eye massage for eye strain and headache and presbyopia prevention

An eye massage helps reduce and prevent symptoms of eye fatigue and help in presbyopia prevention. This is because, properly performed, a massage in the eye area helps stimulate the tear. and sensitive areas such as the lens, providing greater elasticity and eliminating problems with blurred vision and headaches.

Eye massage machines like Zenmind greatly help to lighten these symptoms and relax the area. You can see our Zenmind review here.

zenmind eye relaxation by massage
The eye massager effectively prevents and reduces the effects of presbyopia.

Vista problems increasingly affect a younger age without presbyopia prevention

Currently tired eyesight and presbyopia begin to generate serious symptoms from the age of 44, and more and more people. In addition to this, due to the large exposure to screens, and the poor prevention, in the future, it could affect more seriously before the age of 35. You need to take precautions.

Reviews and opinions on vision problems

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Reviews and opinions on presbyopia prevention
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