Vita Watch the smartwatch that monitors your health

Vita Watch the smartwatch with body thermometer

What is Vita Watch and what is it used for?

Vita Watch is a smartwatch with built-in infrared thermometer that allows you to take a sample of your body temperature and send the results to the smartphonde instantly

A smartwatch with all your health data

Like the TempWatch model, Vita Watch is a health measurement station built into a watch. In addition to carrying an infrared thermometer, this excellent smart watch measures the rest of our vital signs, such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, tension, etc…

Are Vita Watch’s health data accurate?

The health data of this smartwatch are accurate with an accuracy of 99.5%. They are also direct and can be had on the smartphone instantly. This provides very important health data when moving around with current problems.

Do I really need a smartwatch with all this data?

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Vita Watch lets us know if we have a fever, low blood oxygen, or high blood pressure.

These are symptoms that can warn us if we have an infection that does not show other external symptoms.

Vita Watch is very useful for traveling and attending places with more people. Thanks to fever alerts, we will be able to avoid entering public spaces if we are sick and in this way we will avoid infecting other people.

Vita Watch features the smartwatch with vital measurement

  • Instant temperature measurement, 0.5 sec.
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Alerts for fever, high pulsations, low oxygen in the blood, etc.
  • Health monitoring software with statistics, daily samples and much more
  • This smartwatch is fully compatible with Android and iOS smartphones through the Fundo application. Once the application is installed, turn on your bluetooth and synchronize the smart watch with the phone.
  • TIn addition to this has an HD touch screen, so you can swipe to access the menus and settings. You can also access all your applications using voice search.
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring.The precise gadget system is ideal for training and day to day.
  • The use of the sleep monitoring application has also improved. You can see with great accuracy your deep sleep time, as well as your light sleep.
  • Vita watch allow to play your music and control your phone’s camera via Bluetooth.
  • You can find here the applications for Vita Android and iOS along with their reviews.

Vita Watch reviews and opinions

It is a great watch and I find it very practical. Can you tell me if you have children’s models?

Vita Watch reviews and opinions

It certainly seems like a very good idea to me. Furthermore, the prices are almost equivalent to those of a normal thermometer. I think I’m going to buy it after read this review.

Vita Watch reviews and opinions
Vita Watch the smartwatch with infrared thermometer reviews and opinions
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