Qinux FlexiFix, night splint for plantar fasciitis

Qinux FlexiFis, reviews and opinions

Don’t let the pain stop you. With Qinux FlexiFis relieves the pain of plantar fasciitis

Qinux FlexiFis are orthopedic splints designed to support the plantar fascia, and at the same time stretch the tendons of the toes. Thanks to this support we can reduce the pain caused by fasciitis from the beginning and accelerate the recovery process.

How the Qinux FlexiFis Foot Splint Works

First of all, you must put on the support as if it were an ankle brace, with the part of the insole under the arch of the foot and the wide part on the instep.Next, stretch the Qinux FlexiFis tensioners until you obtain a light tension on the foot and close them with the velcro.

Relieve all foot injury pain with Qinux FlexiFis

Qinux FlexiFis review and opinions
From tendonitis to sprains, even pain caused by a spur can be alleviated by using the Qinux FlexiFis splint to maintain a stable posture that does not go into the area of pain.

In addition to this, we can use support both at night to accelerate recovery and to move, as long as we wear appropriate footwear.

Features and advantages of the Qinux FlexiFis foot splint

  • One size fits all foot types.
  • Ideal for treating plantar fasciitis, joint or tendon injuries of the foot.
  • In addition to this, the design is universal, it can be used on the right and left foot.
  • Custom fit, so you can tighten your foot and relieve tension on the plantar fascia.
  • Posture correction that releases pressure on the heel, thus reducing punctures and pain.
  • In addition, you can tighten it until you achieve the effect of a compression bandage, so that it helps reduce swelling.
  • If you alternate it with the application of ice, you will obtain better results.
  • By wearing the splint all night, aches and pains in the foot when waking up are reduced in 99% of cases.
  • Along with the Crossfit Knee Pads it is one of the most used reinforcements in sports injuries.
  • It is not recommended to use the splints with shoes, if you have pain when walking, insoles or shoes with a high arch are of great help.
  • Other users also consult the review of the Bunion corrector that works on this very website.
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Final Rating of the Qinux FlexiFis Foot Splint Review

Although it takes a little getting used to using this type of bandages, in cases of injury they are very useful. This particular model stands out for the fact that it is adjustable at two levels, the first in the fastening straps, and the front tensioner, which allows you to carry out constant stretching.

Conclusions and opinions of the reviewer of the Qinux FlexiFis plantar fasciitis splint

Even though I’m not injured, I’ve worn it for a while and tried it out (it’s my job). It adapts very well to the foot, although it is a little hot. The front support is adjusted to size and does not come loose, so you can maintain the stretching position for a long time. I find it a good help for foot injuries.

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