Leglief, leg massager for varicose veins

Leglief review and opinions

Legs without varicose veins thanks to Leglief, the circulation massage Leglief is a leg massager that, in addition to acting as a blood circulation stimulator, helping to prevent the appearance of varicose veins, is ideal for muscle toning and as an aid to prevent tired legs syndrome. -50% in official store Access here to buy You … Read more

HeatSole, thermal gel insoles

HeatSole review and opinions

End the day without foot pain with HeatSole, the ideal insoles HeatSole are thermal insoles that reduce foot pain while keeping them warm on cold days. Their gel cushioning system and breathable design make them perfect against tired feet syndrome. -50% in official store HeatSole thermal insoles fit all winter footwear Whether you wear wellies, … Read more

Bazmat, anti-slip mat

Bazmat review and opinions

Safety and comfort in the bathroom with Bazmat, the perfect mat Bazmat is a mat for the shower with an Instant Dry absorption system that dries your feet much more quickly and prevents water from splashing on the floor, thus avoiding the typical slips and accidents after taking a bath. -50% in official store Prevention … Read more

Zuekkos Easer Air Pro, ultra comfortable footwear

Zuekkos Easer review and opinions

Walk comfortably and safely with Zuekkos Easer Air Pro, the most comfortable footwear Zuekkos Easer Air Pro are lightweight shoes that have been specially created to walk comfortably anywhere. In addition to having an attractive design, they have other great advantages. Anti-fall soles with a padded gel that prevents foot fatigue. -50% in official store … Read more

NaliFort, regenerating nail hardener

Nalifort review and opinions

More resistant nails with NaliFort, the best nail restorative NaliFort is a nail regenerating and repairing liquid that also has a hardening effect. Using this compound, you can have healthy and beautiful nails on both feet and hands, even after a mycosis treatment. -50% in official store Recover the original color of your nails with … Read more

Bunaline, the best bunion corrector

Bunaline review and opinions

Relieve the pain of your bunions with Bunaline, the ideal corrector Bunaline is a bunion corrector designed by experts in podiatry and orthopedics. It works by supporting the big toe, and bringing it to its natural position, eliminating the deviation of the toe and avoiding the prominence of the metatarsal. -50% in official store Straighten … Read more