Qinux Moscope, this is my presentation of the monocular for smartphones

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Learn more about this monocular designed for you to enjoy

If you want to know more about Moscope from the Qinux brand, in this report we put at your disposal all the data provided by the official store and we explain in detail how you can enjoy it. In addition, you can see user reviews or leave your own if you wish along with your product ratings.

Let’s start by knowing what the Qinux Moscope smartphone monocular is

It is a zoom monocular that you can use directly, or that you can place on the camera of your phone or tablet. It attaches to the device via an adjustable support and you can also place it on a tripod that is included in the price.

We explain the main advantages of this gadget

Below we detail all the aspects in which this zoom for smartphones stands out and that can help you get to know the product better and thus know if it adapts to your needs.

Monocular adapted to the sight for panoramic vision

Qinux Moscope review and opinions
One of the aspects in which the Qinux Moscope monocular stands out is that you can use it freehand, without having to attach it to a camera, this allows you to use it on your outdoor walks with total comfort.

In addition, the optical zoom can be adjusted to focus up to 30x, allowing you to see with total clarity in really distant areas.

Gradual lens between 10X to 30X more protected

Qinux Moscope review and opinions
To have better focus at different distances, you have a wheel that allows you to adjust the slow speed between X10 and X30 magnification with great precision and that does not blur with movement.

In addition, the lens has a lacquer that prevents glare, so that you can always have vision and photos with much fewer problems due to the reflection of the sun or any light.

Image stabilizer with adaptable support

Qinux Moscope review and opinions
If there is an accessory that makes the Moscope zoom model from the Qinux brand really attractive, it is the phone holder, which works as a clamp and that you can adjust in height until the camera lens focuses perfectly on the lens.

In addition, the tripod, with a gear in a steel sphere, rotates 360º horizontally and 90º vertically so you have perfect focus. The gear holder anchors the zoom so it doesn’t move when taking photos or videos.

We detail the technical and purchasing characteristics

  • Compatible with phones and tablets up to 11 inches in more than 99.9% of models.
  • Gradual lens that goes from X10 to X30 magnification, allowing you to take clear images of faces up to approximately 80 meters away.
  • In addition, the lens has protection against dust and water thanks to a non-slip layer and a safety cap.
  • Its design makes it perfect for freehand use if you want to use it directly on the eye.
  • Tripod that you can adjust in height, each leg separately to be able to use it on any surface even if it is irregular.
  • Holding with image stabilizer that will allow you to take photos and videos without defects due to shaking or movement.
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After reviewing the Qinux Moscope zoom monocular these are our conclusions

In terms of quality and price, it is quite good, it is light and you can take it with you on any outing to the countryside without it bothering you. The lens has very good optics and you can mount it very easily on the tripod. Also at about 80-100 meters it focuses quite sharply.

It is advisable to buy the model in the official store

As with most products, I will always recommend the official store. At no time am I going to recommend Amazon, Temu or Aliexpress, because you can come across fake sellers and that is synonymous with problems. Furthermore, I recommend that you always save the confirmation email and the order number to avoid any possible problems.

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