Qinux TinySpin, the mini washing machine that saves you time and money

Qinux TinySpin, reviews and opinions

Save electricity and water with Qinux TinySpin, the custom washing machine

Qinux TinySpin is a portable mini washing machine with up to eight liters of capacity, which is foldable and allows you to take it wherever you want and use it immediately. With its 10, 15 and 20 minute wash cycles you will have your clothes ready to wear wherever you want.

Don’t wait any longer if you want a clean garment, with Qinux TinySpin

Many times we want to use a garment and we can’t because it is dirty, and we have to choose between washing it by hand or waiting until there are enough dirty clothes to put it in the washing machine. With Qinux TinySpin we can wash a smaller amount of clothes in a short time and with little electricity.

If you have small children, the Qinux TinySpin mini washing machine is ideal

Qinux TinySpin review and opinions
Underwear and all clothing in general is a headache for mothers. We can accumulate a lot of dirty clothes that take up little space and we need to wash them. With the Qinux TinySpin mini washing machine you can have your children’s wardrobe ready in minutes.

In addition to this, you can take it with you on a trip for any emergency at the hotel, or if you have a country or beach house and you always want to have a quick way to wash clothes without having to use a lot of water and electricity.

Features and advantages of the Qinux TinySpin portable mini washing machine

  • It works at 220V with a plug to choose from EU,US,UK and AU when purchasing.
  • Capacity of up to 8 liters, ideal for all types of medium-sized garments (obviously not suitable for sheets, quilts, etc.).
  • Two wash cycles of 10 minutes, and for cotton 15 minutes.
  • 2 minute spin, which you can repeat to improve the drying of the clothes.
  • Ideal for traveling, and for washing clothes in small quantities that do not reach the volume necessary for a conventional washing machine.
  • Very easy to use and clean, it has a comfortable and effective emptying drain.
  • Low electrical consumption, the motor also moves the clothes in front loading without the device vibrating.
  • Dimensions open: 30 x 30 x 29 cm and folded 30 x 30 x 13 so that it even fits in the suitcase.
  • With half a strip of Tru Earth Eco-Strips you have for one wash.
  • Together with the electric cleaning brush Synoshi is one of the most requested home appliances this quarter.
  • To remove limescale and soap residue, you can use the cleaner Truly Free with total effectiveness.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days of return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale, sending from the brand’s factory, without the intermediation of third parties. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are maintained 100%
  • In case of problems with your purchase, please keep your order number. We can help you at help@youneedthisgadget.com with any of the online stores.

Our final evaluation of the Qinux TinySpin folding mini washing machine

This is a device that offers many advantages for people who do not accumulate a lot of dirty clothes. Also for those who have children, or who travel often. Thanks to this washing machine, dirty clothes will not accumulate.

Conclusions and opinions of the review author of the Qinux TinySpin portable washing machine

I have received the package, and it is very well presented. The washing machine is very easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition, the washing cycles work very well, although if you add too much detergent, residue may remain when finished, it is advisable to measure the doses carefully. And it doesn’t make much noise.

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