Tactical Air Drone with 4K Camera

Level up with the videos that Tactic Air Drone can record

Tactic Air Drone, reviews and opinions
Tactic Air Drone is a quadcopter that has been conceived to film with greater precision than its competitors. Although its image quality is in 4K, the new camera control and stability systems will give you professional results.

Manage the Tactic Air Drone camera with gestures when you move

When you need to record and you’re on the go, the two-hand video gesture system starts and closes each recording. With this method you can use Tactic Air Drone without having to carry the phone in your hand and with greater freedom.

Let your new Tactic Air Drone follow you wherever you go

Tactic Air Drone review and opinions
If you are one of those who needs to record yourself on the move, you are in luck. The new Tactic Air Drone tracking system maintains the exact distance with you, and also, with a more stable recording system in motion.

In addition to this, you will be able to take photos with a single predetermined gesture and from several different angles thanks to its camera with an integrated motor.

Features and benefits of the new Tactic Air Drone

  • Lighter and more powerful modular battery that allows up to 25-30 minutes of flight time.
  • Retractable camera with independent movement of up to 120º of angle.
  • Four pairs of spare propellers.
  • 4K background quality with sharper videos.
  • Flight height with greater autonomy, remote control distance up to 3000 meters.
  • Intelligent tracking of a target, even at high speed.
  • Control by gestures of taking photos and videos.
  • Just higher quality photos Qinux Drone 8K regarding products in this price range.
  • Better positioning to catalyze optical flow when filming on the move.
  • Ranked among the best drones for children and adults with a camera this last semester.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and all kinds of tablets, the remote control adapts to devices of different sizes.
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Tactic Air Drone Quadcopter Reviews and Opinions

I love these types of toys, they are the ideal gifts from the age of six or seven. Children greatly improve visual coordination, and also go out more outdoors. I have six different models.

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Account manager

I am fond of recording downhill videos with my bike, and a good tracking system that allows the quadcopter to be very close to you will allow you to record your experiences with spectacular videos.

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Security guard

buy Tactic Air Drone reviews and opinions
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