Curing plantar fasciitis at home naturally is possible

Cure plantar fasciitis, reviews and opinions

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you can cure it at home naturally

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition that appears on the bottom of the foot, in the so-called plantar fascia, which is a fibrous tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes. The plantar fascia supports the arch of the foot and is responsible for absorbing the impact when walking and running.

How plantar fasciitis occurs

When this structure becomes inflamed or damaged, plantar fasciitis develops. The most common causes always include overexertion of the plantar fascia or poor support that causes stress to the entire structure of the arch of the foot. The most common are the following:

  • Intense physical activity on hard surfaces such as asphalt or cement can cause long-term tension in the plantar fascia.
  • Inappropriate footwear: Possibly one of the most common causes of this condition is footwear with very smooth soles that do not provide support to the arch of the foot and end up inflaming the fascial area.
  • Excess pronation, which consists of having a footprint in which the foot rolls inward when walking.
  • Obesity or tension due to physical activity in which too much weight is carried. Excess weight, both metabolic and external, can cause inflammation in the arch of the foot.
  • In addition, there are factors such as anatomical anomalies, which can lead to poor postural hygiene when walking, and which must be corrected by specialist doctors.
  • Finally, occupational factors, which usually affect people with activities in which they spend long periods standing or walking.

What are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis?

In most cases it is pain. Normally very annoying when walking and it can start in the heel and affect the entire arch of the foot. In more acute cases, plantar fasciitis also causes stiffness in the bottom of the foot and even inflammation.

How to cure plantar fasciitis naturally

Like the vast majority of episodes of muscular, membranous inflammation or tondinitis, avoiding movement and support greatly helps to avoid said inflammation and accelerate the healing process. Therefore, to cure plantar fasciitis naturally the following processes are the most common:

  • Cold and heat therapies, applying ice or a blue and red laser accelerates the inflammation process.
  • Specific stretches: you can do gentle stretching sessions or use night splints that keep your foot in a position that accelerates the healing process of the plantar fascia.
  • Insoles for the arch of the foot, or shoes with a more pronounced arch will provide better support and avoid stress on the plantar fascia. In people with anatomical anomalies, insoles are usually the most used remedy.
  • Anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy for more advanced cases, usually shorten injury recovery times by several weeks.
  • In more serious cases, surgery is usually resorted to, but in most cases plantar fasciitis can be cured at home.

How to accelerate the healing of the plantar fascia at home with natural methods

For some time now, combining hot and cold sessions with nighttime immobilization have become one of the most used methods to relieve pain and accelerate recovery in this type of injury.

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Qinux FlexiFis, the night splint

For any injury that requires immobilizing the foot at night, the Qinux FlexiFis splint allows you to heal at home from plantar fasciitis to sprains, contractures, strains and other injuries.

Relieve pain in the arch of the foot through massages, a relaxing alternative

Another of the natural remedies to cure tendonitis at home or at least reduce the intensity of the pain are massage mats. Through a relaxing massage, tension is released from the arch of the foot.

Footy Massager Carpet review and opinions

Footy Massager Carpet, the relaxing massage

If you suffer from foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, a massage with the Footy Massager Carpet will help you get relief. In addition, acupressure massage promotes blood circulation and helps reduce inflammation of the plantar fascia.

Curing plantar fasciitis with natural means helps avoid relapses

One of the advantages of accelerating the recovery process of the plantar fascia is that you can acquire routines that allow you to prevent a relapse. In addition, the use of appropriate footwear is acquired, and this is another best option at a preventive level.

If you cannot cure plantar fasciitis at home, see your doctor

Remember that it is important to consult your doctor or a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Plantar fasciitis can be a persistent condition, so it is important to maintain treatment for full recovery.

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