Fan heater, the best alternative this winter

Fan heater, reviews and opinions

Know the advantages of a fan heater compared to other heaters

Low consumption and silent fan heater. It sounds good, they exist and are an excellent alternative to not be cold in winter and also save on your electricity bill. There are thousands of models, and not all are the same, let’s see what suits us best.

Why use an electric fan heater compared to other devices?

Although there are currently dozens of heating options, each one has its pros and cons, and in the case of mini fan heaters we can see several advantages that we will summarize below.

  • Less consumption than most heaters.
  • With powers between 500W and 1200W it also has a lower power load on the general network.
  • Greater versatility, since you can use them in different rooms.
  • More water resistance, both due to the ceramic panels and because the ventilation allows the circuit to dry sooner.
  • Protection against overloads. PTC plates prevent electricity surges.

Which are the best electric fan heaters on the market?

We have selected the most attractive models for their quality/price ratio, for the historical trust of real customers with official stores and for the quality of each of the products.

Heater Pro X review and opinions

Heater Pro X, the best-selling fan heater

After several years being number one in Europe, Heater Pro X has improved and its new 600V model is more efficient and with better features.

Warmool Heater review and opinions

Warmool Heater, 500V for lower consumption

If something stands out in the new Warmool Heater is its low consumption. With InstaHeat technology that allows you to quickly heat any medium-sized room, it is preferred for the bathroom or for sleeping.

EcoheatS review and opinions

EcoheatS, 360º fan to distribute heat

In addition to two powers that reach 1200V, with the ceramic heater EcoheatS you have a turbine-shaped fan that distributes hot air to all sides equally.

What should an electric fan heater have to stand out?

  • First of all, use PTC technology, this allows better use of electrical energy.
  • Have silent fans that allow them to be used for sleeping.
  • In addition to all this, excellent air distribution so that the heat reaches all points of the room.
  • If you want to know more about Silent low-consumption heaters from our website, we have a perfect report.
  • In addition to this, the power limits ranging from 500W to 1200W make them the best option to control the power used.
  • You can learn more about Best portable ceramic heaters in this section.
  • In short, these small appliances serve to heat any room in the house with little expense.

Our final assessment on using a fan heater

For small rooms, using air conditioners is excessive; in apartments that use central heating, expenses have also increased significantly with the rise in gas and electricity prices. These mini fan heaters are a practical and economical solution for most homes.

We show you the section on heaters with ventilation as briefly as possible

Although we have selected few models, you can find a wide variety of these small heaters that are providing so much performance in so many homes, we invite you to discover them on our website.