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Fitowatch smartwatch review and opinions

Control your health more thoroughly with the new FitoWath and its new improvements

FitoWatch is a new smartwatch with state-of-the-art technology that will provide you with pulse oximeter and excellent health control at all times and will allow you to monitor your sports activities accurately and quickly whatever it is. It is also one of the cheapest watches in its range, being accessible to all audiences.

Why buy FitoWatch and not other similar models?

This is a question that anyone asks when choosing a smartwatch with these characteristics. It is evident that there are many smart watch models similar to FitoWatch. The advantage of this brand in particular is that in addition to, first of all, having updated all its components, the health control software and The sports car has improved significantly compared to its competitors, giving a unique experience at a low price.

The new FitoWatch will avoid scares with any health problem

buy Fitowatch smartwatch review and opinions
One of the great attractions of the FitoWatch smartwatch is that it is very accurate in measuring pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygen, so you can always have full control of these vital signs and anticipate any health problem.

In addition to this, it has a large capacity battery and a large and bright screen that allows older people to use it with much greater solvency.

The most outstanding features of the FitoWatch smartwatch

  • First of all, its classic design stands out, which has not lost the usual style of this type of watch.
  • The housing is made of ultra-resistant aluminum and the screen is made of a tempered glass alloy which gives it a very resistant overall structure.
  • Health monitoring is instantaneous, both the monitoring of beats per minute, blood pressure and blood oxygen can be consulted instantly due to its improved reading laser.
  • Additionally you can control your daily health routine with a really attractive application that will measure your steps, sleep quality, routines of your vital signs etc ..
  • The sporty control is also very good. In the APP you have up to 17 options of sports routines with which to have all the data of your workouts.
  • The screen, in addition to being tactile, has dimensions of 1.3 inches, making it very easy to read at all times.
  • You can regulate the colors and intensity of the monitor to be able to see the data of the smartwatch well even with stronger direct sunlight.
  • The battery is one of the longest lasting in its class, with 380 mAH capacity, fast charging and can last up to 15 days without charging.
  • It is submersible in IP67 quality, so you can put it under water without problems.
  • Its latest generation bluetooth allows you to answer calls from the watch without any interruption and in real time.
  • In addition to this, you have all the usual functions, such as camera control, music, alarms, receiving messages, etc.
  • You can control the camera of your smartphone and using the Zoom Shot Pro monocular telescope create selfies from more than 15 meters.
  • All Fito Watch smartwatch tests are based on real user experiences and factory tests.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Reviews and opinions of the FitoWatch smartwatch

The screen looks full color, I use it for a morning run and everything looks good, it doesn’t come out dark or anything weird. Also, if you have the phone connected to the GPS, the measurements are very accurate on the routes.

Reviews price and opinions of the FitoWatch smartwatch
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I found it to be a very cheap price for everything it does, and especially for the battery capacity, 380 is a lot and they tend to be bigger and more bulky. If it stays in those dimensions I will buy one to test it.

Reviews price and opinions of the FitoWatch smartwatch
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I have found several similar models, but they are all dropshipping or direct from Amazon and Aliexpress, I prefer this store only for the telephone attention.

Reviews price and opinions of the FitoWatch smartwatch
buy Fitowatch smartwatch review and opinions
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