AircoBlade, the ecological fly swatter

AircoBlade review and opinions

Enjoy a quiet picnic with AircoBlade, the ideal fly swatter AircoBlade is your new companion for outdoor excursions. This device has a fan with soft blades that frightens away flying insects such as flies, wasps or mosquitoes from your food. -50% in official store Forget about scaring away insects with the homemade AircoBlade fly swatter … Read more

Mosqinux Watch, powerful anti-mosquito bracelet

Mosqinux Watch review and opinions

The evolution of anti-mosquito watches is Mosqinux Watch, with an elegant design Mosqinux Watch is a latest generation anti-mosquito watch. In terms of quality, design and features, we can say that it replaces and improves its predecessors such as Moskinator or Mozzy Watch among others. -50% in official store Why is the Mosqinux Watch anti-mosquito … Read more

BuzzBGone, the most effective mosquito killer

BuzzBGone review and opinions

The most classic anti-mosquito device, BuzzBGone, has been improved BuzzBGone is one of the best selling mosquito traps in the world. its classic design works perfectly in all environments where there are annoying insects. This summer you will stay safe from bites anywhere. -50% in official store Hundreds of BuzzBGone mosquito trap imitators on Amazon … Read more

Mosquito Blocker Kids Effective Kids Bracelet

Mosquito Blocker Kids

This summer use Mosquito Blocker Kids and protect children from bites Mosquito Blocker Kids is an ultrasound bracelet that has been specially designed so that the little ones are safe from annoying mosquito bites and other insects wherever they go. -50% in official store There are compelling reasons to use Mosquito Blocker Kids this summer … Read more