Mosqinux Killamp, the mosquito killer light bulb

Mosqinux killamp reviews and opinions

Install the Mosqinux Killamp mosquito killer bulb in your home and forget about bites Mosqinux Killamp is yet another soldier in this war that we wage every summer against mosquitoes. This bulb is an insect trap that attracts mosquitoes with the LED light and heat generated by the bulb, killing them with a shock. Official … Read more

Mosqinux Zapbite, silent mosquito trap

Mosqinux Zapbite review and opinions

Neither flies nor mosquitoes with Mosqinux Zapbite, the safest trap Mosqinux Zapbite is an electric trap for mosquitoes, flies and all kinds of flying insects. It works connected with a plug to the socket and is designed to work without insecticides or other chemicals. Official store Access here to buy Learn how Mosqinux Zapbite works in … Read more

Preventing mosquito bites is now easier

Prevent mosquito bites review and opinions

In summer or when traveling, preventing mosquito bites will save you a lot of trouble Avoiding mosquito bites is one of the biggest headaches when summer arrives or when we travel to hot and humid places. In addition, the proliferation of diseases such as Dengue or Zika force us not to let our guard down. … Read more

Mosqinux FlashBeam, I present to you the solar mosquito killer lamp

Mosqinux FlashBeam review and opinions

Mosqinux FlashBeam’s double mesh keeps the bug in and your hands out Mosqinux FlashBeam is an effective mosquito killer lamp, easy to use and very versatile. It works without cables, it is solar charged, and you can keep it running for up to 12 hours anywhere, catching flies and mosquitoes that bother your environment. -50% … Read more

Pestcop, pest repellent

Pestcop review and opinions

Your house free of pests with Pestcom, the ecological pesticide Pestcop is an ultrasound device that repels pests of all kinds of insects and small mammals such as rats. It works by emitting very low frequency sounds that are annoying to these animals, but harmless to people. -50% in official store Don’t harm the animals, … Read more