GPS for car and tracking device

vehicle tracking device

GPS Tracker the tracker for cars, we present the official product This gadget is an ideal GPS tracking device for any vehicle, and even for people or other valuable devices, such as luggage, artwork, bicycles, etc. -50% in Official Store Thanks to this device, you can always have all your belongings located on your smartphone, … Read more

Anti-snoring Septum gadget to sleep better

the best anti snoring for sleep better

Review and opinions of the device Anti-snoring Septum, official product The anti snoring is the definitive solution to eliminate snoring at bedtime and better fall asleep. It is recommended for all ages. It is very easy to use and does not need a prescription, since it is a gadget that works mechanically. Additionally, it has … Read more

Colour Backpack connecting with your gadgets

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Review and opinions of the Colour Backpack smart backpack, official product The smart Colour Backpack is the definitive solution to carry our things always connected, in an orderly and safe way. It has become a indispensable backpack for school, travel or office. -50% in Official Store A large capacity backpack for all gadgets That is … Read more

Alternatives to Apple watch

What alternatives are there to iWatch, the Apple Watch? Alternatives to iWatch there are hundreds. First of all we must ask ourselves if we want a smartwatch similar to Apple Watch but cheaper, or we want a different watch as an alternative in features and functions. Our cheap alternatives for iWatch are the models that … Read more

Dual iWatch the hands-free smartwatch

buy dual iWatch online

Review and operation of Dual iWatch the smartwatch and wireless headset Dual iWatch is a new product that combines a smart watch with a hands-free device, all in one. This allows us to perform different activities, releasing the phone and moving everything to this device. -50% in Official Store This gadget has a sports band, … Read more

Best smartwatch for 2020

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These are the best brand smartwatches of 2020 at a low price These on top smart watches that have marked a trend at the end of 2019 and that we now present you in our top for smartwatch 2020. eWatch, the most popular smartwatch One of the best selling smartwatches of 2019 has been eWatch. … Read more

Smart Translator the instant translator

Smart Translator the instant translator

With Smart Translator remove all language barriers Smart translator is the definitive solution for those people who need to communicate in different languages and have problems doing so. This is a multilanguage gadget that allows instant translate speak or text to translate from our language to other languages. -50% in Official Store How does Smart … Read more