Aculief acupressure clips

Aculief acupressure tweezers for headaches reviews and opinions

Avoid headaches with Aculief, the acupressure clips Aculief are acupressure clips specially designed for daily use, in order to press on the key points of the hand that help relieve headaches among others. It’s been scientifically tested and works really well. -50% in official store Migraines, headaches and other areas of the body much better … Read more

Lumbar contracture, and lower back pain relief

how to relieve lower back contractures

What is a lumbar contracture and how does it occur? Lumbar contracture is when a muscle in the lower back suffers from contracture, causing commonly intense pain that does not allow us to perform normal gestures and positions. Usually need lower back pain relief for solve it. It usually lasts for several days, and there … Read more