Kailo, the best-selling pain patches in the USA, UK and Australia

Kailo reviews and opinions

Relieve muscle pain with Kailo, the magnetic patches that work Kailo are magnetic patches to relieve pain in muscles and joints that work quickly by applying it directly to the affected area. They work by means of ionized nanoparticles that relax the painful area. -50% in official store Kailo magnetic pain patch really work Many … Read more

TheraIce Rx compression sleeve for muscle pain

Theraice Rx reseña y opiniones

Regain mobility with TheraIce Rx the compression sleeve with cold and heat Compression sleeve TheraIce Rx original like this one have revolutionized the way of applying hot and cold therapy to arms and legs. Thanks to this new 360º system you will be able to recover from injuries, and relieve pain in knees, elbows and … Read more

I-Hand Massager relax and health in your hands

Regain the strength of your hands with i-Hand Massager, the intelligent therapy I-Hand Massager is an excellent novelty when it comes to hand massage devices. It has pads with small acupuncture points that vibrate at different intensities to provide enormous relief to any problem with the hands. -50% in official store Prevent classic ailments with … Read more

Aculief acupressure clips

Aculief acupressure tweezers for headaches reviews and opinions

Avoid headaches with Aculief, the acupressure clips Aculief are acupressure clips specially designed for daily use, in order to press on the key points of the hand that help relieve headaches among others. It’s been scientifically tested and works really well. -50% in official store Migraines, headaches and other areas of the body much better … Read more

Lumbar contracture, and lower back pain relief

how to relieve lower back contractures

What is a lumbar contracture and how does it occur? Lumbar contracture is when a muscle in the lower back suffers from contracture, causing commonly intense pain that does not allow us to perform normal gestures and positions. Usually need lower back pain relief for solve it. It usually lasts for several days, and there … Read more