How to remove ear wax

How to remove earwax, reviews and opinions

Learn how to remove earwax plugs without damaging your ears

Many people have hearing problems due to the formation of wax plugs in the ears. Home remedies or a visit to the pharmacy are usually the most used methods, but there are devices that can make this operation easier. Any of the devices in this comparison work hygienically. Choose the one that best suits you.

Spiral ear cleaners, the gentlest solution for removing wax plugs

One of the most valued devices when it comes to removing earwax are the spiral cleaners. The operation is simple, a spiral silicone head rotates like an extractor removing all the dirt in a progressive.

spiral earwax remover Safe Swabber review and opinions

Safe Swabber, soft earwax remover

Born from the Q-Grips brand, the Safe Swabber model has a very flexible and progressive head that is perfect for removing earwax.

In addition to this, you can use it on children without fear of damaging them thanks to adapted heads.

How to remove earwax with a chamber cleaner

Technology allows us today to simplify things like removing earwax by seeing what we do and without help. Thanks to new camera cleaners, we will be able to clean the ear canal while we see what we are doing on the mobile screen.

Earwax extractor with camera Smart Ear Wax Remover review and opinions

Smart Ear Wax Remover, earwax extractor with camera

Thanks to its camera built into the head, which transmits directly to your phone, you will see how you remove earwax without damaging the ear canal.

In addition to this, it has a micro LED light that illuminates the inside of the ear for a deeper cleaning.

How to choose the right tool to remove earwax plugs

It is very important to choose a method that suits your needs, below we will see how to remove earwax by choosing the right tool through these peculiarities:

  • If you don’t have anyone to help you, a device with a camera is advisable.
  • For children or people with sensitive ears, the coiled device makes the process smoother.
  • If you have pulse problems, the spiral extractor is recommended.
  • People with constant formation of plugs in the ear, the device with a camera allows the auditory canal to be checked every day.
  • You can also see the comparison of spiral ear cleaners to choose the one you like best.
  • Using this type of device is less dangerous than using fire, oil or hydrogen peroxide, which can damage the ear canal.
  • Remember that the cerumen-free ear canal prevents water from accumulating when swimming inside the ear.
  • Many hearing problems are caused by poor hygiene over the long term.
  • Finally, if you are in environments with a lot of noise it is advisable to use high sound protections such as protective helmets for the ears. in order to avoid the formation of wax plugs.
  • If you need help for this type of operation, we recommend you go to the pharmacy or health center.

How to remove earwax, reviews and opinions

Reviews and opinions on how to remove earwax

I have suffered from otitis since I was a child due to the formation of plugs inside the ear. They are very annoying and I have tried everything, but finally I decided to go to the pharmacy every time it happens to me. I’m still doing a test with this.

How to remove earwax, reviews and opinions
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