OctaHead, octopus head massager

OctaHead reviews and opinions

Eliminate migraines with OctaHead and relax your mind

OctaHead is an electric head massager consisting of eight flexible arms and a top massage head. You can place it in the areas of your head that need it most and enjoy the best massage.

The most relaxing hug with the OctaHead head massager

Thanks to the new design of its legs, this little octopus adapts to your head, but not only that, you can wrap it around your neck, arms or legs. This format of the OctaHead head massager gives you a neck, shoulder or even extremity massage, like a little hug.

Eliminate stress and restore sleep with the OctaHead head massager

OctaHead review and opinions
The OctaHead head massager’s four massage intensities allow you to adjust the device for maximum relaxation so you can sleep better.

In addition to this, the device turns off automatically after fifteen minutes, so it is perfect to start falling asleep.

Features and advantages of the OctaHead head massager

  • 4800MaH rechargeable battery. Lasts up to 12-16 massage sessions without charging.
  • Made of silicone, hypoallergenic and very light, does not cause sweating.
  • Hands free, just clip on and relax.
  • Four types of intensity, 100% massage mode, relax, soft beauty and sleep mode.
  • Scheduled sessions of fifteen minutes, it disconnects automatically.
  • Ideal device for headache-relief and migraines.
  • You can use it on the neck, shoulders, arms or even on the legs, in the calf area to tone muscles.
  • Coverages more areas of the head than the anti mograine massager Akesu.
  • In addition, it improves the quality of sleep and allows a greater rest.
  • Other people additionally use devices like Chill Pill for cases of higher stress.
  • Easy to use, it only has a button to turn it on, turn it off and control the intensities.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without commitment
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax ID and sells directly from the brand’s factory, without the intermediation of third parties. It is NOT sale by dropshipping and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%

OctaHead head massager reviews and opinions

I had one of these devices, but it was manual and a bit uncomfortable. I’ve tried different stress busters and some really work well, others are just gathering dust in the closet.

buy OctaHead reviews and opinions

When I have a headache, in my experience a good temple massage is one of the best solutions. If this device does it for you, you will relax even more.

buy OctaHead reviews and opinions

buy OctaHead reviews and opinions
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