Laser nail fungus treatment

nail fungus treatment on hands and feet, reviews and opinions

Technology offers us the best nail fungus treatments at home

Fungus treatments for toenails and fingernails, there are many. We can find from home remedies such as bicarbonate to medications such as terbinafine (Lamisil) and itraconazole (Sporanox), but the blue light laser is imposing itself on the rest.

Identify a fungal infection and important to start treatment on time

Most fungal toenail infections are very similar. Laser treatment of fingernail and toenail fungus eliminates more than 99% of them. These are the most frequent symptoms.

  • The affected nail changes color, becoming pale with yellow edges.
  • Abnormal thickness, you will see that it is thicker than the rest.
  • Appearance of cracks and detachment of some pieces in advanced stage.
  • Smell of decomposition, quite unpleasant and intense.
  • In the final stage, the nail detaches, which can lead to redness and skin infection.

If you have these symptoms, finger and toe nail fungus laser treatment is ideal

Fungus Therapy Pro laser treatment, review and opinions
Newer fingernail and toenail fungus laser treatments like Fungus Theraphy Pro dry out the fungus and prevent it from growing and spreading.

In addition to this, they restore the health of the nail in less time and prevent relapses.

Causes of nail fungus infection and how to avoid them so as not to start treatment

  • The main source of infection is public places with wet floors. Wearing shoes like flip-flops prevents infections.
  • Excessive sweating of the feet. Again a well ventilated shoe, or use talcum powder, boric acid etc to keep feet dry is an option.
  • Relapse due to previous fungal diseases. You have to eliminate the problem in its entirety.
  • Age-related factors can lower your keratin production.
  • Finally, other health problems that make you have low defenses can be the trigger of the infection.
  • If you carry out pedicure at home sessions you will be able to detect onychomycosis faster .

Avoid relapses at the end of your laser nail fungus treatment on hands and feet

  • Once sessions have started, do not interrupt them.
  • Always carry out the treatment in the morning and at night, if you are in humid environments, also at noon.
  • Avoid humidity.
  • Never use creams with keratin, you will be feeding the fungus.
  • Finally, do not stop performing laser sessions until it is completely cured.
  • You can check the blue light device review Fungus Theraphy Pro.

Reviews and opinions on laser nail fungus treatment on hands or feet

If you paint the affected area with Sporanox, the infected nail eventually falls off and a new one comes out. It is not as aesthetic, but it is very effective. The laser I think is more when you catch the problem soon.

nail fungus treatment on hands and feet, reviews and opinions
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