Recover deleted photos and videos

How to recover deleted photos and videos, reviews and opinions

With the right software you can recover your deleted photos

Recovering deleted phone photos or missing videos can be a complicated task. If you have the right software and a good storage center, you will never lose files from your phone again.

Having software to recover deleted photos and videos is paramount

We can delete or lose files from Whatsapp, from the camera or from any other social network. With the right application you can recover deleted photos and videos and store them in organized folders.

PhotoStick Omni pre-installed application the most efficient in file recovery

Recover Lost Photos and Videos with the Photo Stick Omni, Review and Opinions
The brand ThePhotoStick provides us with a flash drive with pre-installed software so you don’t need to root your phone to recover lost photos and videos.

In addition to this, its universal connector allows you to store up to 256Gb of any device.

All the features that a flash drive with software to recover lost photos should have

  • Simple to use interface, which allows you to organize your files with ease.
  • Powerful application that can access all folders and identify any image or video filei.
  • Special filters with which you can eliminate duplicate files.
  • For better cleaning, it is advisable to use a compressed air spray.
  • Universal connector to work with Android, iOS, PC and other devices.
  • Large storage capacity that allows you to have a clean phone memory.
  • The most recommended flash drive in this review is currently The Photo Stick Omni.

How to recover lost photos and videos in a simple process

  • First of all, insert the flash drive with the pre-installed software.
  • Then open the application.
  • Press the start process button.
  • The program will perform an intensive file search.
  • Finally, it will display all the photo and video images on the phone and allow you to operate them. (Delete, move, publish, etc.).
  • You can see the entire process detailed in the following video.
  • If any folder is password protected you will need to manually release it.
  • Additionally, the lost file search program allows you to carry out some basic editing operations.

Copies for greater security and not to lose your photos and videos

It is recommended to have a storage device such as a hard drive, or a pen drive in which to store your photos and videos. Avoiding the cloud whenever possible will protect your privacy and you won’t depend on third parties to recover lost photos.

Reviews and opinions on how to recover lost files from phone

Rooting before installing or using any app is always recommended. In this way, you will be able to access folders that the Android operating system or the iPhone have blocked by permissions.

How to recover deleted photos and videos, reviews and opinions
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