Qinux TeleFan, wireless portable fan

Qinux TeleFan, reviews and opinions

Cool the day with Qinux TeleFan, the all-terrain fan

Qinux TeleFan is a multifunction fan that you can use as a standing, table or hanging fan from the ceiling or any support. It has a level of inclination that allows you to use it at any angle no matter where you are.

Take the Qinux TeleFan multi-fan with you on any outing

If something attracts the attention of this excellent device, it is that it adapts to your rhythm of life. It does not matter if you are on a hike, on a picnic on the beach or camping. Thanks to the rechargeable battery of the Qinux TeleFan you can use it without charging it in eight hours.

Create atmosphere with the Qinux TeleFan four-in-one fan

Qinux TeleFan review and opinions
Thanks to an integrated light with three power levels and the fact that you can place it at any angle that illuminates to your liking, with the Qinux TeleFan multiple fan you can create a pleasant and cool environment.

In addition to this, none of its three intensities of the blades and the motor make annoying noise, so you will enjoy all its features in silence.

Features and benefits of the Qinux TeleFan four-in-one fan

  • Rechargeable battery that makes it easy to carry and allows wireless operation for up to eight hours.
  • You can use it as a table fan, a standing fan, a hand fan or a hanging fan.
  • Light with three intensities with a low-consumption bulb that can illuminate any room or create an atmosphere.
  • Adjustable air power in three levels to adapt to the heat and your situation.
  • Support with an adjustable angle of more than 105 degrees to obtain an optimal air flow.
  • Very easy to fold and assemble so you don’t waste time.
  • Rotor with silentfan system that does not make noise even at maximum power.
  • Shock and splash resistant, you can even use it in the bathroom or swimming pool.
  • Along with Qinux Fresheck is one of the best selling portable fans this summer.
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Qinux TeleFan Portable Fan Reviews and Opinions

It looks very light and manageable. Also, the fact that nop takes up as much space as conventional fans makes it a great option. The one I have with a foot support takes up half a storage room.

buy Qinux TeleFan reviews and opinions

I think I’m going to buy it. I really like going for a walk, and on some terraces when the sun shines, even if there is an awning, you have the bad experience of sweating profusely and getting hot. From what I see in the backpack it will fit me.

buy Qinux TeleFan reviews and opinions
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buy Qinux TeleFan reviews and opinions
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