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Qinux Titan PG, discount coupons

Product Description

Military design smart watch. Medium quality range compatible with 99% of smartphones. Includes health monitoring, high-resistance screen, closed steel box structure, sea water resistant and 5 meter submersible, 120 sports functions, different wallpapers and secure synchronization.

Product images

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Qinux Titan PG, real photo of use
Qinux Titan PG, actual product image

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Qinux Titan PG, real photo of use
Qinux Titan PG, actual product image

Qinux Titan PG FAQ

Is it a legal product or a scam?

The Qinux brand has long been proven in the online market. I will never show a counterfeit product on this website, and that includes the TitanPG. It is a real brand with all the guarantees.

Does the watch have instructions in my language?

Most products have instructions in different languages, but sometimes they only come in English. To download or request instructions in your language, I have created a manual from which I explain the process.

What is the actual battery life?

Depending on the active functions of the watch, the maximum battery life is around 15 days. If the 24-hour health monitoring functions are activated, that time drops to between 5 and 7 days. Contrasted data in real tests.

What type of blows does it resist?

Hardness tests have shown that the glass resists impacts of more than 10Kg as long as it is not a sharp object. The box resists pressure of more than 50Kg without problems.

Can I practice water sports with the TitanPG watch?

The Qinux brand guarantees at all times that the watch withstands water, even up to 5 meters deep. Therefore, for swimming, enjoying the beach and other water sports other than scuba diving, you can use the watch without problems.

Can I pair the watch with any phone?

The smartwatch APP is compatible with Android and iOS and can be paired with the vast majority of smartphones. Although in the product review We have received some comments from users who have had difficulties pairing the Samsung Galaxy A11 and the iPhone 11.

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