StayWell Copper Antimicrobial Patch for Phone

StayWell Copper, reviews and opinions

Get rid of risks with StayWell Copper and keep your hands clean

StayWell Copper is an antibacterial protection patch for your smartphone or tablet. It works permanently, and consists of a thin plate of antimicrobial copper adhered to the device, which repels up to 99% of microbes and bacteria that can adhere from any surface.

Specially treated and recycled copper in the StayWell Copper antimicrobial patch

If the official website can boast of something in its reviews, it is respect for the environment and a hygienic and totally antiseptic product. StayWell Copper with antibacterial effects is registered by the EPA, reference: 85341-3-99000 and meets its expectations.

Healthier eating thanks to the StayWell Copper smartphone plate

StayWell Copper review and opinions
When we eat, we have the habit of touching the phone, even children if we are in a bar or restaurant. With the StayWell Copper antimicrobial plate we keep the phone free of pathogens and reduce the risk of catching any infection.

In addition to this, the protection provided by copper extends to our hands and the entire device, also eliminating bad odors and making it easier to clean.

Features and Benefits of StayWell Copper Antibacterial Phone Patches

  • It does not need a battery or any type of energy to work.
  • Repels and eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and environmental pathogens that surround your environment.
  • Works with all kinds of phones, including MaxPhone smartphone or models of all kinds.
  • Does not alter the operation of the device, does not emit any type of radiation or generate waste.
  • Protection for your hands and for 100% of the device.
  • The antibacterial effect is effective even with larger screens like the 13-inch ProTabletX or even older ones.
  • 100% recyclable, durable and lightweight material. You can have this protection for years.
  • Permanent adhesive, won’t fall off or move out of place.
  • Slim and functional, you won’t notice it’s glued to your phone.
  • Made in the USA, registration 85341-3-99000 of the company with the best scores in the reviews of its users.
  • Zero chemicals, natural copper alloy patches that provide self-disinfection for your devices.
  • You can also consult the review of Oxipure , the ozone air sterilizer.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 30 days to return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has legal tax identification and makes direct sales by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are maintained 100%
  • In case of problems with your purchase, please retain your order number. We can help you at with any of the online stores.

StayWell Copper Antibacterial Patches Reviews and Opinions

While it is true that the chances of a bacterium causing serious illness are very low, many of the small infections that cause stomach problems do come from the environment.

buy StayWell Copper reviews and opinions

The antimicrobial qualities of copper have been demonstrated for years and among the bad experiences that poor hygiene can bring you, are gastroenteritis. However, in many cases, washing your hands is the best precaution.

buy StayWell Copper reviews and opinions
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buy StayWell Copper reviews and opinions
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