The Zapper by 1Tac, the mosquito killer light bulb

1Tac The Zapper, reviews and opinions

This new mosquito repellent bulb is called The Zapper by 1Tac, and it’s ideal

The 1Tac brand The Zapper is the perfect mosquito killer lamp for camping. It charges via USB in no time and lasts a whole night and much longer, keeping you and your loved ones away from these pesky bites. It is currently available in the US and Canada.

Indoor and outdoor mosquito killer bulb, 1Tac the Zapper is adaptable

If you thought this was an outdoor-only bug trap, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Thanks to its totally stable base and its design with decorative lights, the 1Tac Zapper mosquito repellent bulb adapts naturally to any indoor area.

Light up your nights while you repel any mosquito with the 1Tac The Zapper light bulb

1Tac The Zapper review and opinions
Thanks to its three light intensities, which can reach up to 400 lumens, and the internal UV light of the 1Tac The Zapper mosquito killer bulb, you can illuminate or create an atmosphere in any terrace or room.

In addition to this, the dim light mode does not bother at night while it works as a nightlight, being totally silent and pleasant.

Features and benefits of the 1Tac the Zapper mosquito repellent lamp

  • 2000 mAh USB charging battery that allows you to use it for 15 hours in flashlight mode and 20 hours in normal mode.
  • 1 Watt flashlight – 6000K with three light intensity modes.
  • 360nm-400nm ultraviolet light with independent on/off button that allows you to attract and kill all kinds of flying insects.
  • Waterproof, you can use it outdoors even in the rain.
  • Together with the insect trap Mosqinux FlashBeam is a one of the most versatile outdoors.
  • Protection of fingers against discharges, it is advisable not to bring your hands close to the grid until the lamp is switched off to avoid static electricity.
  • Remaining charge visual controller, it is advisable to recharge the battery around 15%-20%.
  • Possibly one of the best UV mosquito traps this summer.
  • Sturdy tie-down hook that attaches to bars, ropes, or tree branches with ease.
  • Mosquito repellent bulb ideal for terraces, camping, indoors and even as a bedside lamp.
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  • Free delivery in the US and Canada if it is within five days.
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1Tac Zapper UV Mosquito Killer Bulb Reviews and Opinions

More and more people use these types of traps to kill insects. It really is much better for our health, since we don’t use chemicals that come in repellents, but on the other hand, in the field they also kill many harmless insects.

buy 1Tac The Zapper reviews and opinions

After seeing several reviews of mosquito repellent bulbs of this type, I think I’m going to buy this model. I really like how it looks in the video and it seems resistant. We really like outdoor experiences and this will keep us protected from bites.

buy 1Tac The Zapper reviews and opinions
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buy 1Tac The Zapper reviews and opinions
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