Cheap smartband, the best Fitness tracker

Get a cheap and brand smart band at your fingertips

Buying cheap Smart band is very easy, there are hundreds of stores and the Chinese giants offer generic products at discounted prices. But not because they are the cheapest, we will have the best fitness tracker at a bargain price. Here we will explain how to get them from reliable stores.

Which smart band is best?

The best smart bands are those that can be used to do all kinds of sports, and that also measure the health constants of our body on a daily basis.

For this, they must have water resistance, minimum IP68, shock resistance, an APP that allows monitoring of all kinds of sports, and health control tools, such as heart rate control, step tracking, sleep , blood oxygen, blood pressure, or even a thermometer.

Which is the most accurate fitness band?

Today, the vast majority of cheap sports tracking bracelets are very accurate. The technology is very similar, and the manufacturing process too.

To avoid white brands, which are usually the ones sold in large Chinese centers, such as Amazon, or Aliexpress, we have looked at brand smartbands even if it’s cheap that follow stricter quality processes. In this case, we opted for Xtreme Band and Loyal Band.

These are the best cheap fitness trackers based on our reviews

Xtreme Band the strongest cheap smartband

The Xtreme Band Sports Tracking Bracelet is one of the hardest in its category. In addition to its resistance, it stands out for its fine and comfortable design that adapts to any type of sport. It can be purchased in the official store reliably and with all the guarantees.

buy sports cheap smartband Xtreme Band reviews and opinions

Cheap Smartband Xtreme Band

  • 100% water resistance
  • Alloy anti bumps and scratches
  • 17 sport modes.
  • Best Fitness tracker 2020.
  • Full money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

Loyal Band, the most complete cheap fashion smartband

Another of the low-priced and own-brand sports bracelets we recommend is the Loyal Band. From the same house as the Loyal Watch smartwatch, it has all the necessary characteristics to more than fulfill its mission. It also incorporates the most precise technology, such as the GX Smartwatch model, which makes it powerful, fine and robust.

Buy cheap smartband with body thermometer Loyal Band

Cheap Smartband Loyal Band

  • 100% water resistance
  • Rugged design and bluetooth 4.0
  • More accurate tracking.
  • Built-in thermometer.
  • Full money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

What differentiates a smartwatch from a cheap smartband?

Currently, according to our reviews, the best cheap smartband in terms of technology and benefits, offer the same alternatives as any smartwatch.
Only the much more expensive, high-end models can offer better battery, hardness, etc. But the rest only change in design. You can see options to buy smartwatch here and compare.

Reviews and opinions of the best cheap smartband

I bought a sports tracking bracelet in Chinese store and it broke after two months. They did not give me support or anything and as cheap as it cost me, in the end it came out expensive. The next one I will listen to you and buy in the official store.

Air conditioning technician

You think I’m going to listen to your review, and I’m going to buy the smartband in an official store, it doesn’t seem the cheapest, but it is the best option. I had one and it broke up and has never left me again. Guess where I bought it