VacuumGo Pro, the cordless mini vacuum cleaner

VacuumGo Pro review test and opinions

Clean impossible corners with VacuumGo Pro, the car is always clean VacuumGo Pro is a mini portable vacuum cleaner that allows you to vacuum all kinds of surfaces and holes in your home and car, removing dust and dirt. It also works wirelessly and you can charge it from anywhere with a usb cable. -50% … Read more

CarVac, the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

Nuvac review and opinions

Clean any corner with CarVac, the lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner CarVac is a powerful cordless mini vacuum cleaner that you can operate with one hand, and thanks to its brushless motor and high-performance suction, you can use it to remove dirt from any corner of your home or car. -50% in official store Save energy … Read more

Peeps by CarbonKlean, I present to you the glasses cleaner that does not damage them

Peeps by CarbonKlean review and opinions

Always clean lenses with Peeps by CarbonKlean, the perfect cleaner Peeps by CarbonKlean is a device to clean the lenses of your glasses. It consists of tweezers finished in carbon fiber pads, which surround the glass of your glasses and clean it in a few passes, without damaging them and better than any cloth. Official … Read more

Miracle Laundry Detergent, ecological laundry

Miracle Laundry Detergent review and opinions

Clean your clothes respecting nature with Miracle Laundry Detergent, the ecological detergent Miracle Laundry Detergent are sheets that release 100% natural ecological detergent based on natural coconut oils and vegetable extracts that allow sustainable, efficient and chemical-free laundry. -50% in official store Prevent allergies and skin problems with Miracle Laundry Detergent Many times a detergent … Read more

How to clean connectors, this is my preferred method

How to clean connectors review and opinions

Learn the best way to clean smartwatch connectors, headphones and more How to clean connectors without damaging them and leaving them in perfect condition is something that everyone must learn today. Devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets or headphones need a minimum of hygiene and maintenance. Learn more in the following tutorial. See Fradonic equipment … Read more

Fradonic, smartphone cleaning kit

Fradonic review and opinions

Extend the life of your equipment with Fradonic, the most precise cleaner Fradonic is a cleaning kit for electronic devices, specialized in smartphones, tablets, headphones, and especially in computers. With this new cleaning pencil you can always have any electronic equipment ready. -50% in official store Remove dust from any crack with Fradonic, no matter … Read more

Cleanootic, robot vacuum cleaner from 69.95

Cleanootic review and opinions

For less than €70 you can have Cleanootic, the robot vacuum cleaner Cleanootic is one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners on the market with an excellent performance to price ratio. You can have an automatic sweeper for less than €70, totally efficient and silent. -50% in official store Your home always presentable with the … Read more

HydroEasy the smart hose

Hydro Easy reseñas y opiniones

Save time with Colour HydroEasy on your terrace and garden HydroEasy is the new smart hose designed for all types of gardens and terraces. It has an adjustable pressure water diffuser and a non-tangle system that allows it to be rolled up in a few seconds. -50% in official store Cleaning terraces and watering plants, … Read more