CoolCura, Feng Fu anti-stress method

CoolCura reviews and opinions

Relieve your stress and headache with CoolCura, the most modern Feng Fu method CoolCura is a neckband that incorporates a cold spot. This cold point slightly presses on the Feng Fu point of the neck, providing an ice effect highly recommended to relieve headaches, neck pain and stress. Official store Access here to buy How the … Read more

Home headache remedies

Home headache remedies review and opinions

Find the home remedies for headaches that work best for you Home headache remedies are different natural methods that many people use to relieve the discomfort caused by headaches, migraines and others. They completely avoid the use of drugs and work to a greater or lesser extent depending on the person. Hot and cold therapy … Read more

Neckma, the pocket neck massager

Neckma massager review and opinions

Relieve your pain with Neckma, the massager that accompanies you Neckma is a new pocket massager that allows you to relieve any tension in your neck, back and even your head in just a few minutes. this new system combines infrared with massage and it works really well. -50% in official store Access here to buy … Read more

Migraine Stopper, by Migracorr

Migraine stopper review and opinions

Get rid of headaches instantly with Migraine Stopper, the instant system Migraine Stopper is a device against headaches, which using non-invasive Neuromodulation therapies or also tDCS, will allow you to relieve migraines quickly and easily. Reviews from manufacturers and actual users agree that this device works really well. -50% in official store How does the … Read more

AcouClip, acupressure clips

Acouclip review and opinions

Forget migraines and joint pain with Acouclip, the most complete clip Acouclip is an acupressure clamp that will help you relieve headaches, joint pain, and even injuries. Its new, more resistant manufacturing material and its ClipComfort design make it one of the best tweezers in its category. -50% in official store The Valley acupressure point … Read more

Relieve headache

Relieve headache review and opinions

Remedies that you can apply to relieve headache without drugs Relieving the headache is easy in most cases, you take an analgesic and all the ills pass. Instead, many people have problems with migraines or chronic headaches and products like the ones shown below may be the solution. Akesu TheraIce RX Neomassan Advices Reviews and … Read more

Acupressure, pencil, mats and clips

Acupressure mat review and opinions

Find your ideal acupressure device for back, feet or hands Acupressure is the application of pressure or massage on specific acupuncture points. We can find mats, clips, massage pencils and even head devices that perform this type of therapy just like a professional. clips Foot mat Massage pen Headache Features Reviews and opinions Relieving pain … Read more

IrisaGo, glasses for tired eyes

IrisaGo review and opinions

The IrisaGo brand pre-graduated glasses will eliminate your eyestrain IrisaGo are a model of unisex glasses for tired eyes that come pre-graduated in scales between 1.0 and 3.0 diopters. They are foldable and you can easily adapt them to your face thanks to their adjustable temples and frames. -50% in official store Carry out any … Read more

ClearView night driving glasses

Clearview review and opinions

Increase your safety at night with ClearView, blue light glasses ClearView are glasses designed for night driving, and to eliminate blue light that can be annoying or cause poor vision in rain, fog or at night. It is also an excellent filter for blue light when using the computer and other screens. -50% in official … Read more

TheraICE Rx, the best headache relief hat

TheraIce Rx reseña y opiniones

End the headache with TheraIce RX without using medication TheraIce Headache Relief Hat RX is a new compression cap with internal hot and cold action that allows to eliminate migraines and headaches in general. They are also an excellent complement to relax tensions after a hard day at work. -50% in official store How the … Read more

Proper Focus the adjustable glasses

reviews and opinions of Properfocus adjustable glasses for tired eyesight

Always sharp vision with Proper Focus, adjustable glasses 100% from the official store Proper Focus are the adjustable progressive glasses specially created to rest your eyes when you are making effort. Thanks to its design, we will be able to avoid migraines and future problems such as tired eyesight or presbyopia that are increased or … Read more