Aeerum, bone conduction headphones

Aeerum Qinux review and opinions

Listen to music comfortably with Aeerum and avoid ear discomfort Aeerum are wireless bone conduction headphones that, unlike noise-cancelling headphones, allow you to listen to music without having to insert them into the ear canal. Sending the sound vibration through our bones. -50% in official store Sound quality without losing conversation, with Qinux Aeerum headphones … Read more

Noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones review and opinions

The best wireless noise canceling headphones Noise-canceling headphones are those that allow you to hear the sound they reproduce with total clarity, while blocking outside noise through active technology based on wave interference called ANC (Active Noise Control). Gear Airbuds PRO ActivBeat 2.0 Audio Hall Pro FAQ Reviews and opinions No need to go to … Read more

Buddy Buds Pro, headphones for smartphones

Buddy Buds Pro review and opinions

Up to twenty hours of music with Buddy Buds Pro, the ideal headphones Buddy Buds Pro are cheap wireless headphones that have all the features of their competitors, including up to twenty hours of non-stop music on each charge. They work perfectly and are the best sellers this year. -50% in official store The new … Read more

Qinux Brick Pro Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Qinux Brick Pro review and opinions

Fill your excursions with energy with Qinux Brick Pro, the solar all-in-one Qinux Brick Pro is a kit of devices with built-in solar charger and dynamo charger. Thanks to a 5000Mah battery included, you can charge your devices, listen to music or illuminate yourself in the dark with its LED flashlight. -50% in official store … Read more

Gear Airbuds Pro, wireless headphones 5.0

wireless headphones Gear Airbuds reviews and opinions

Always communicated when you isolate yourself with Gear Airbuds Pro the total headphones Gear Airbuds Pro are the new latest generation bluetooth headphones that will surprise you with their design and performance from the beginning. In addition to being able to enjoy more than 4 hours of uninterrupted operation and without noise, you can answer … Read more